Month: January 2013

Utopia ( as brutal as kill list ) ;)

So I’ve just finished watching the first 2 episodes of the new British tv series UTOPIA and I have to say I am fucking impressed . The story follows a group of forum users who all have read utopia ,a graphic novel about all sorts of strange virus shit . Somehow one of the forum users get his hands on the 2nd edition of utopia which has never been published and shit goes crazy .
They are hunted by a group of people known only as “the network”. This is seriously brutal stuff I was overly impressed with amount of carnage that I seen in the first two episodes and I am eagerly awaiting number 3 . Although it’s seriously brutal ,at the same time it’s fucking beautiful to look at. Shot really well and it almost has a trippy acid feel to it and stars the dudes from Ben Wheatley’s kill list which was one of my fave films of 2012 .


the trailer



This is the finest action movie that I have even seen . The film was shot on such a small budget but delivered more action and thrills than any other big budget film.
Gareth Evans ( writer, director) travelled from wales to Indonesia a few years back to make a short documentary on the Indonesian form of martial arts (Silat) when he arrived he met IKO UWAIS a bus driver for a telecommunications company who was once a national champion for the sport ( he some man for one man ).
Evans seen the potential straight away in iko and asked him to quit his job as a bus driver and that
Evans was gonna make him the star of his movies.
So they made merantau warrior and from that they started merantau pictures and the first film to come out of that was THE RAID and what a fucking film the raid was ,it was none stop action from the very start . Not only do we have a new director and writer that is capable of writing a action movie on a low budget that pisses all over any other action movie in history but we also have IKO UWAIS a ex telecommunications bus driver that is capable of kicking 50 shades of fuck outta ya !
A new action hero is born
The raid has a sequel coming out this year called berandal and it shall be epic !
the raid trailer


The French deliverance ( the ordeal)

THE ORDEAL (calvaire)
This was first introduction into extreme French cinema and it was probably because of this movie I became obsessed with this new wave of horror . A new wave that wasn’t certified 15 . This shit made you feel uneasy and in my eyes that’s exactly what a horror film should do to you .
The story of a caberet singer on his way back from a gig his van breaks down and he he is left stranded. A pleasant old man comes to his aid and offers him shelter so without a further thought he accepts the help of this old man .
What follows has to be seen to be believed . Weird weird hillbilly shit! And the soundtrack for the film is awesome and to this day I can still hear that creepy piano !
Like a reversed straw dogs with a blend of deliverance to fuck shit up and a few scoops of hills have eyes.
Loved it !

the trailer

More than likely , the finest war movie ever made

BROTHERHOOD (tae guk gi)
I am not a huge fan of war movies myself but I was recommended this quite sometime back and I thought it deserved a mention.
The battle scenes in this are breathtaking and unlike anything I have ever seen . Roll on a couple of year and band of brothers is basically ripping it off ( well that’s what I thought)
The story is very sad as well so no matter how big of a fucking man/woman u think u are , please bring tissues cause you will crying your eyes out .
The way that the story is told is very unique and that’s what gives it it’s constant beauty.
In my eyes this is the finest war film I’ve seen to date and nothing has even came close to it .
So if you haven’t seen it and you are a fan of epic war movies then I urge you all to hunt this one and give it a shot !


the trailer

Cell 211

A gritty prison drama from Spain . It follows casually dressed prison guard that’s shows up a day early for his new job so he can get the tour of the prison . In the middle of the tour a riot breaks out and separates him from the other guards leaving him to fend for himself and his only option is to blend in with the inmates and pretend to be a prisoner .
I highly rate this film and if you are into violent prison dramas then this will be right up your street .
Give it a look



A low budget cannibal flick from Mexico . The story of a family of cannibals who run a market by day and eat hookers by night . The father of the family takes a heart attack in a shopping centre and dies so its up to the eldest son to provide the meat for the family.
Again there has been a remake of this and APPARENTLY its actually really good but i shall have to wait and see.
Most remakes are just absolutely shite but sometimes they get it right

the trailer ( with American VoiceOver )


The story of a dirty bomb in Los Angeles that puts the whole city in lockdown and leaving one woman locked outside her home with her husband at the other end of the door unable to let her in because of contamination.
The whole film focuses on the husband and wife. I do understand that this film might not be to everyone’s taste but I loved it and It has a superb ending.
Chemical love story