Is the evil dead?

From the get go I was shocked to hear about a remake of the classic evil dead but also knew it was inevitable and it was only a matter of time . I was nearly In tears when I heard that Diablo Cody ( juno, Jennifer’s body) was in the bag for scripting ( it really upsets me ) then I fucking heard that there was not gonna be a ash character and not only that but the lead character was gonna be a girl. I had visions of Ellen page with a chainsaw or even worse Megan fox . I don’t mean to be funny or sexist but the evil dead was all about ash the good for nothing hero and also about the boomstick, chainsaw,severed demon hand , horny trees and witches in the basement .
Now roll on from 1981 and we have ourselves a remake in April 2013 . I searched for updates for this movie every single day since It was in early early pre production . I got bits of info but not much , all I knew was Diablo Cody and some new dude called Fede Alvarez was writing and Alvarez was directing ( Sam raimi chose him)
So I waited and waited and fucking waited until the red band trailer finally came our way .
Holy fucking god I was blown away by it , I was thinking to myself I take away every little bad thing I said about you Diablo Cody . The trailer is extreme and the comedy is gone from ( the only way to eliminate ash was to take out the comedy), it looks to me that these guys are gonna be making the movie that the lads (respect) wish they could of made back in 81 .
This shit looks great . I just hope the trailer isn’t the best bit . They do have a lot to live up to and also they promising some serious shit with the tag line being ” the most terrifying movie you will ever experience”
I’ve seen some terrifying shit in me time !
I have hopes though


the red band trailer . looks fucking insane

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