Top ten foreign thrillers

Gonna start off with a remarkable Argentinian thriller called “the secret in their eyes”
I’m actually very surprised that there hasn’t been a remake of this. In a few words a wonderfully shot and beautifully acted thriller that’s full of twists and turns and is original in every way . It would be very hard to compare this to anything but if u are a fan of slow burning thrillers then I highly recommend it . The less you know about it the better !!
Word up


the trailer



      1. I’ve lost 2 jobs since I started my blog, I have two or three huge gaps between posts thanks to this but one day I realized this is the most constant thing in my life because it only needs me so I’m trying my best to keep it up. So it helped me a lot, I hope you find as much joy in it as I do, and keep it up cause thanks to you I have 4 new movies I want to watch:)

  1. I hope no-one ever re-makes this film. It is beautifully shot and the dialogue (often hilarious), interaction and quality of acting between the characters, especially Esposito and Irene Hastings, could not be improved.

    1. You’re 100% man. Although with the rate that remakes are going these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s remade. A fantastic film and I find it hard to tell ppl about without giving too. Uch of the story away. It’s a flawless, intelligent revenge thriller that can’t be improved in any way.

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