Why martyrs is the best horror around

For a while I heard about a film called martyrs , I read the usual bullshit that people were fainting in the cinemas and vomiting because it was so sick, I thought to myself I gotta fucking see this film. I have been obsessed with horror since I was a kid (My gran used to rent me out “return of the living dead part 2” every weekend when I went to stay with her).
So ever since then (5yrs old) I have been obsessed with zombies , vampires , werewolves ,and serial killers on screen. As I got older horror films was no longer horror, and before I knew it twilight was everywhere .
So when I heard of “martyrs” I was drawn to it immediately and searched and searched for it until a old colleague of mine just dropped it in my hands and said ” dude it fucked up”. I was like a kid at Xmas and the only problem I faced now was trying to sell it to my girlfriend who knew me better than anyone and when she see’s I’m this excited about a film then she knows straight away that this ain’t gonna be a easy watch.
The film blew me away, and unlike any other film in this particular genre, the violence had meaning and the scenes was executed perfectly, leaving the audience feeling very uneasy. This film will stick in your head for a long time after watching it. A remarkable film that I can honestly say is my favourite horror movie of all time (and I’ve seen them all).
The premise was remarkable , the ending was remarkable and the two lead girls ( mylene jamponi,morjana alaoul) done a fantastic job.
I read in a interview with director and writer “Pascal Laugier”, that people complained about his film being so sick and twisted , he replied “isn’t horror meant to disturb you?”.
Since its release France has given us some of the most violent and disturbing films that any horror fan could wish for and slowly but surely other countries are starting to follow suit.




  1. Martyrs was genuinely disturbing with quite a revelatory premise, still amazes me how unknown this movie still remains to many when many other horrors are really bigged up.

    1. It was a dark dark film and I loved it 😉
      Every film that pascal laugier has made has been different . he did house of voices ( saint ange) which the orphanage basically ripped off and then the almighty martyrs and after martyrs he has made the tall man. (Great show also but has nothing to do with phantasm) the tall man is pascal laugier
      Ill await his next one eagerly !!

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