Sickest film ever made ?

This film actually disturbed me quite a bit. I think it’s the only film that was refused a rating by the BBFC in years due to its cruel and sadistic content and therefore banned . So I got it anyways and watched it by myself (thank fuck) cause it was most definitely the most cruel and disturbing thing I have have ever witnessed on screen.
The plot is simple , boy meets girl , boy and girl get hit on head with hammer by a mad doctor and then the mad doctor goes to work on them in what is the sickest shit i have ever seen. The script is minimal also so it’s pretty much hardcore torture from the very start.
Cutting off nipples with scissors and making necklace’s with them is probably the easiest bit to watch . So watch it at your own risk because it will leave its mark on you.

Ill post trailers for all my posts when I learn how to do it haha




  1. this sounds horrible, I will probably check it out for the same reason I watched a Serbian Movie, which is forced by my boyfriend after I tell him about it so that he can laugh on my disgusted face:)))
    [btw: add media-insert from url]

      1. when you are creating a new post under the title of your post you have a button called add media, the same place you add pictures too, on the left side the third line is insert from url you click it and the paste the video;s url in the shown place. I’m a shitty at explaining things but I hope you manage to understand where you have to look for it.

      1. Lol no problems, ditto. Couple more fucking crazy mind altering gore fests are…

        Philosophy of a Knife (4hr uncut)
        Men Behind The Sun
        Murder-Set-Pieces (uncut)
        Barricade (pretty gory, shitty tho)
        Aftermath (strange/gory in parts)
        Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (haven’t seen em, heard bad things tho)
        Schramm (haven’t seen, heard it was gory)

        Cannibal Holocaust
        Brain Dead (Dead Alive)
        Salo (Criterion Collection)

      2. Seen the majority of those , except “men behind the sun” I checked it out You are one sick puppy hahahahahahahahaha .its now been placed on me watch list . I can’t bring myself to watch “salo” lol.

    1. If you got Xbox or ps3 and Netflix do a YouTube tutoriall on how de change ur DNs server so you get American Netflix . It’s very simple , I’m from Ireland and it worked for me . Kidnapped is on that , but its dubbed , which sort of spoils it but still worth it!

  2. No shit! I use Unblock-Us with my PS3 and have been watching Irish Netflix lately. LOL I’ll switch it to the states and hit it up. Thanx for that. I can live with dubbing.

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