Harold’s going stiff

A heartfelt zombie film shot in mockumentary style. It follows Harold a elderly man who has contracted o.r.d (onset rigors disease) a virus that has hit England and has been infecting mainly men.
Harold’s receives home help from a nurse called penny ( who is also fantastic )and the film is about the relationships between the two of them . It has a little bit of everything , horror, drama,violence,comedy .
Stan Rowe plays Harold and his acting is just unreal . You seriously feel for the character as you have been with him since the very start and you’re watching him go through the different stages of this disease.
Meanwhile a group of vigilante dudes have formed ( they reminded me of the dudes from dead mans shoes) they are going around town and killing anyone that is showing any signs of infection.
If I told you Shane meadows or ben Wheatley made this film then you wouldn’t question it .
It’s fits right in with the best British film makers around .


the trailer

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