Das experiment

One of the best world cinema films around . This film is a dark and disturbing journey into the human mind and how you would react if you were put in a certain situation .
The film follows a group of men who have all enrolled in an experiment . They are separated into two groups (wimps,bullies) and placed in a prison environment. So what they have done is , they have placed the wimps as prison guards and the bullies as the as the prisoners. So as you can imagine the bully prisoners ain’t so nice and there is only so much shit the wimp prison guards will take before its time for retaliation !!! By any means necessary .
This film is brutal and shocking and when shit goes down , it’s gotta be seen to be believed. If you are looking for a psychological thriller , then it don’t get more psychological than this.
There was also a kids version of the film made called “the experiment” starring “Adrian brody”and “forrest Whitaker ” but maybe ok if you never heard of the original .
No comparison


the trailer (nosubs)



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