I first seen “dead mans shoes” years back and still to this day there hasn’t really been anything in that genre that has came anywhere close to it . This film stands alone and was the first film I had seen with the council estate backdrop . The story of Richard an ex army man who returns home to seek revenge on the petty goons that have been tormenting his disabled brother. I know everybody has seen this by now (maybe not in the states though) but the performance from ” Paddy Considine” was just fucking mind blowing and not too mention “Toby Kebble” as the younger brother “Anthony” ( who rehearsed for his role for the movie on a tube train to the audition)
The great thing about this movie is that it’s 100% believable , the drug scenes are shot on a scale with “requiem for dream” and the acting is top notch from everybody. The writing is unique and for once the bad guys are actually terrified, they know that “richard” ain’t fucking about.


20130329-100910.jpgthe trailer

Easily one of the best films of 2012. Eerie as fuck, brutal as fuck and gory as fuck . The story follows two ex British soldiers who are struggling for cash so they decide to take on a job . They get handed a a list of names and they have to take kill all the people on this list without asking any questions and shit gets crazy pretty fast with an ending you could never guess.
It stars Neil maskell (utopia) and Michael smiley ( utopia as well , the nordie cop) and they both are superb in it . I have watched the film now a few times and I’ve picked up on stuff each time that I never noticed before so most definitely a head fuck of a movie . I think this was ben Wheatley’s 2nd movie and his first was down terrace a brittish council estate gangster flick which was very impressive also . He has a new comedy serial killer movie coming out real soon called sightseer’s about a couple who travel round England in a caravan killing everyone that gets in their way and its looks hilarious so I can’t wait to see that .
Anyways kill list would be be a perfect film for fans of any Shane meadows stuff . This guy knows what he’s at . He a hero !


the trailer

A heartfelt zombie film shot in mockumentary style. It follows Harold a elderly man who has contracted o.r.d (onset rigors disease) a virus that has hit England and has been infecting mainly men.
Harold’s receives home help from a nurse called penny ( who is also fantastic )and the film is about the relationships between the two of them . It has a little bit of everything , horror, drama,violence,comedy .
Stan Rowe plays Harold and his acting is just unreal . You seriously feel for the character as you have been with him since the very start and you’re watching him go through the different stages of this disease.
Meanwhile a group of vigilante dudes have formed ( they reminded me of the dudes from dead mans shoes) they are going around town and killing anyone that is showing any signs of infection.
If I told you Shane meadows or ben Wheatley made this film then you wouldn’t question it .
It’s fits right in with the best British film makers around .


the trailer


Film maker “Shane Meadows” follows around retired roadie “Le Donk”” (Paddy Considine)as he plans his comeback to the big time by mentoring up and coming rapper “SCOR-ZAY-ZEE”. The film was shot in a stupid amount of time (5 days) but still manages to be up there with the very best of mockumentary style films. This film is absolute genius and “Shane meadows” has Said that he will be releasing more films based on his and “Paddy Considine’s” character “Le Donk” and “Paddy Considine” gives another insanely flawless performance as “Le Donk”.
Absolute comedy gold.



I think it’s safe to say that “Ben Wheatley” has earned his spot as one of the newest and freshest directors. I have seen every one of his films to date and each one of them has been a progression and also a different genre. First we had “down terrace” which was a council estate mafia type film in which they all got high banging loads of “solpadol” a dark and sometimes funny look into a council estate crime family, in my opinion “down terrace” had the same sort of feel as the Italian movie”Gomorrah”. Then we had “kill list ” a dark and violent hitman/horror which was praised by critics and viewers all over the globe, and now we have the hilarious “sightseers”, another movie, and yet again another genre and brilliantly mixing in humour with carnage. The story of a couple who go holidaying in their caravan around Yorkshire leaving a trail of bodies along the way . The script is clever and sharp and the acting from the two leads is really good. So if you enjoyed the previous films then check it out . It makes fine evening viewing, and it also has a stomping 80’s soundtrack.
Also for fans of any Shane meadows films .



the trailer

Nothing really that that we haven’t seen before but the acting was great and it was a little different because it wasn’t the usual American road/killer/kidnap movie it was set in rainy England which immediately gave it a really gloomy feel. The story of a couple who while having an argument in their car nearly have a bad accident with a large truck . They pull over to the next service station and before ya know it the girl has been kidnapped and leaving the boyfriend to find the kidnapper and save his girl before its too late. As I said before the story doesn’t sound that original but if you haven’t seen it then please do give it a shot , it’s an impressive first feature by “Mark Tonderai” and also bears the “warp” label and anyone who is familiar with “warp” knows that they can always expect something a little different.


20130329-104506.jpgthe trailer

As a zombie fanatic I was delighted to hear about the “the zombie diaries” a mockumentary style apocalyptic zombie movie from England. Set in a collapsed England after a viral outbreak it follows a group of survivors as they feel the urge to document very minute of every day on camera during the outbreak.I have read nothing but bad reviews for this film but as a zombie movie lover , I’ve seen some pretty bad zombie movies. So if you can handle the low budget and the cam style filming then give it a go if you haven’t seen it yet. I know it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste but as I said I’ve seen some pretty fucking bad zombie movies and this wasn’t one of them.
I stand my ground !!

20130329-112000.jpgthe trailer

It would be a shame not to give this film a mention . The story again of two hit men , one a old school hit man and the other a rookie who break into a house and have to wait wait for their target to return home so they can take him out . Written and directed by John hogan and made a tiny budget . The devils business is a serous fucking movie and I would understand why some people might not like as its pretty much just two people in a house arguing with other but he script is solid and the acting is awesome and then throw in a bit of satanic madness towards the end and you’ll be thinking about for quite a while after watching it .
Would make a great double bill with kill list .


the trailer

Another instant classic from “Shane Meadows” and fantastic performances from “Thomas Turgoose” and the extremely menacing “Stephen Graham”(boardwalk empire) as the violent racist who is is polluting the fragile mind of young “Thomas” a young kid trying to come to terms with loosing his father in the Falklands war . A very realistic film and since its release it has spawned a tv show which is equally as good and continues (like any other Shane meadows film) a brilliantly acted and well written story .Accompanied by an astonishing soundtrack .



I will start off by saying , this is the most disturbing English film that I have seen to date . I made the huge mistake of picking this film up in the video shop I worked in as I had seen everything else and taking it home for me and the girlfriends viewing pleasure ….BIG MISTAKE!!!
I can easily compare this film to the French masterpiece “irreversible” so hopefully on that comparison alone you will understand the brutal and shocking nature of this film. This film is another home invasion movie ,the acting is very good and although it has “Danny Dyer” on the front cover , he is is only in it for a short time (so take comfort if you will). A brutal and shocking film that I would find hard to recommend to anyone .




  1. Hi, I enjoyed the 2 on your list that I’ve seen so I’ll check out the others. I thought Dead Man’s Shoes was an excellent film and a good example to what can be achieved on a low budget with the right script and director. What has surprised me since the release of This Is England is that stand-out actor Joseph Gilgun hasn’t gone on to be a bigger star. Good article!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting and taking the time to read my work. I completely agree with you on “dead mans shoes” it should be an inspiration for all film makers ( paddys performance helped though) such a well written, acted piece of cinema with some great music soundtrack.
      Please do check some of the others I’m am sure you won’t be disappointed if you like dead mans shoes. Then I think it safe to say we are on the same page.
      Cheers, have a great weekend

    2. Hey , apologies for late reply. I did write a reply but it never sent. Glad you stopper by and followed the blog, that’s much appreciated. Have you check out any of the other films,
      You are completely right about “dead mans shoes” the film is above the rest and should be an inspiration for film makers old and new.
      Have you seen “le donk and scorzayzee”? If not get on it straight away .

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