I have read a lot of shockingly bad reviews on this film, what the fuck are they on about??, seriously this film I s nothing less than awesome. Yes it does have a teenager in fully plated body armour who has an arsenal of fully automatic weapons that “John Matrix” would be proud of , and yes he does go around his hometown and mow down everything in site, but all that aside it’s a really well written film with a great story and a really good performance from “Brendan Fletcher” as “Bill” and it has clever twist at the end. I can understand that some people wouldn’t like this but I like my films hardcore and hardcore it is. So if you don’t mind some dude going round a town and killing everyone and blowing shit up then check it out if you haven’t already done so.
I have to give credit to “Uwe Boll”, the poor fucker always gets slated for every film he does, I think it’s safe to say that this film proves that he can make a great film if he is given the right ingredients.







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