A dark and disturbing psychological thriller from “Germany”.
A lot of people have compared this film to “silence of the lambs” and if you do that, then you gonna be disappointed, not that this is in any way a bad movie, but “SOTL” is in a class of its own. The only similarities in this film to “SOTL” is that a cop uses the mind of a imprisoned serial killer to solve a brutal murder,but apart from that, it’s pretty much it’s own film. You know within the first two minutes that this film is gonna be epic, and I have to say it definitely has the best opening scene of any film in that genre.
So don’t listen to all the crackhead reviews on IMDB, they don’t appreciate films for what they are, they are too focused on dissecting and making stupid comparisons to other movies, so they can just fucking moan, make your own mind up about it , it’s tense, dark, brilliantly acted and I fucking loved it.




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