Currently still in production. “Killers” is the story of two serial killers, one who has a huge online following, and the other who is a copycat murderer . The copycat murderer is starting to steal the limelight from our main guy , which leaves him no other choice than to travel from Japan to Indonesia and hunt him down, kill him, and earn back his respect. The premise of this film sounds brilliant, people who enjoy a really good serial killer movie like “I saw the devil”, and like their films a little fucked up and disturbing are going to be left speechless as this film is gonna give us two serial killers, and two directors who aren’t scared of going for the jugular and leaving us feeling uneasy.
I know for a fact this film is gonna be insane. From the writers ( mo brothers) of the demented serial killer film “coldfish” and the extremely disturbing and blood soaked fucked up family movie “macabre”, and financially backed by “merantau pictures” which is owned by “Gareth Evans” the writer and director of ” the raid”. Release date TBC





    1. Hey man đŸ˜‰ cheers for following .
      Yeah I think it s gonna be insane , if you have seen the previous films that they have some then you will know that it’s aint gonna be for the faint hearted . It’s gonna be awesome !!!!

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