V/H/S 2

Although, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first movie, it still had some pretty rocking moments, but overall the good outweighed the bad. So now we get the pleasure of a bigger and badder sequel featuring directors, Gareth Evans ( the raid ), Jason Eisner (hobo with a shogun), timo tjahjanto (killers, macabre, dara),Eduardo Sanchez (Blair witch , lovely Molly) Simon Barrett ( producer, Blair witch, Blair witch 2, lovely Molly)
This time round they’ve changed the storyline a bit, its about a group of people who stumble across a abandoned house when they are searching for a missing teen. In this house house they find the infamous video tapes and each tape contains a different gruesome story.
A lot of people have seen this film already, but being from fucking backwards Ireland, I’m gonna have to wait a little longer. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing it has had nothing but greatness to say about it.
So Bring it on….now please!!!!




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