After receiving a porn movie in the post that stars his recently deceased daughter. The tape shows her heavily intoxicated or medicated and obviously not taking part in this film of her own free will.
The father sets out to track down and kill those responsible for the tape and to find out the truth about his daughters death.
A fantastic low budget revenge movie from Australia, with a phenomenal and very believable performance from “Peter Marshall”.
Check this out if ya haven’t already done so.




Years after escaping from her kidnappers. a young girl along with her friend (who she grew up with in a orphanage and also suffered abuse) set out to kill her captors that once subdued her to unbelievable and unimaginable torture.
This film is not just a brilliant revenge movie but an astounding horror that takes you into a world never before seen on screen. This is my favourite film of all time. Being the sad fucker that I am, I have probably watched this film around 40 times and I still continue to do so with every new visitor that visits my apartment, and every single one of them has left my apartment feeling very uneasy and they would be talking about for weeks later.
So what I am saying is that this film does its job as a horror film, it’s got very mature and graphic content and is primarily for an audience who like their films extreme.
An American remake is in the works at the minute which will be directed by ” Daniel Stamm” who helmed “the last exorcism”, and will be written by “Mark L Smith” who wrote “the hole”, “vacancy”, and also “vacancy 2, the final cut”. The film is is also reportedly gonna star Kirsten Stewart” and it will be produced by the same producers from the “twilight” franchise.
Director “Stamm” said that he wants to take a more American approach to the film and wants to have a glimmer of hope at the end.
If the cover says from the producers of “twilight” I will have lost my entire faith in humanity.




After his wife is brutally killed by a deranged serial killer. A special agent sets out to find and catch the killer.
One of the best films you could ever hope to see. This film does not stop, from the very first scene right to when the credits roll. A superior violent and action packed revenge/serial killer film from South Korea.




4: I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (original)
One of the very first extreme movies that follows a woman who takes revenge on the group of hillbillies that gang raped her.This film is very graphic, and has some really shocking scenes. A really disturbing but completely justifiable act of vengeance
I personally found this film even more disturbing as is was my mother who recommended it to me. So that alone will always stay with me. A really good but very hard to watch ( for both sexes) film that has become a cult classic.


Another classic to come out of Korea. The story of a man who was held captive for 15 years without and reason, is set free and given a certain amount of time to figure out who and why he was imprisoned and to seek revenge on those responsible.
This film has went down in film history not only as a great revenge film but it has earned it’s place as one of the finest films ever made.
American remake already made. I can’t find any footage on it anywhere but I know that it’s directed by “spike lee” and stars “Josh Brolin”, “Samuel L Jackson ” and also “Elizabeth Olsen” .
A very brave move for “spike lee” to try and remake one of the finest films of our time. A film witch had an ending that I couldn’t imagine a mainstream american audience enjoying, but in saying that, we have been promised new characters and much more darker ending ( his grandmother maybe?)
Here’s a quote I found online from the producer of the remake

“It’s very similar [to Chan-wook Park’s film], but we’ve added new elements. Or, Mark Protosevich has come up with new elements to it that will throw off the audience who have seen the original movie because there are new characters and new situations that present themselves in a way that changes the story but eventually go in the same direction.”

I think it sounds promising.. Good or not ill still be first in line to see it .




6: 7 DAYS
This is a French/Canadian torture flick with a strong believable plot and great actors. The story of a doctor who’s kid is sexually assaulted and murdered . The killer is caught straight away and not happy with the sentence he was given the doctor hires people to break him out of custody and takes him to a remote location and chains him up and goes to town on him for 7 DAYS.
Although there is serious violence inflicted on this guy , you are constantly thinking THIS MOTHERFUCKER deserves every bit he gets .
There was a weak American remake made of this called “the tortured” starring the dude from desperate housewives and the almighty BILL MOSELEY . If I never had seen 7 days then i probably would of liked it , not that it was bad Film but it just didnt have the intensity of the original .


A real slow burning and extremely tense psychological thriller. The film follows 3 characters, “Erica” who’s is a young nymphomaniac that will fuck just about everything with a heartbeat. Then we have young “frank” a washed up rock musician still trying to make it big with his band in his garage, and then we have “Nate”, the strange war veteran neighbour who lives in the same building as “Erica”. He sees Erica as a troubled soul and just wants to help.
This film has a lot of nudity and sex, and it ain’t any classy sex you would see in a big Hollywood movie. The sex is dirty and sleazy and very hard to watch on screen ( unless you are a dirty sleaze then you will be fine) but thankfully it’s only at the start of the movie and its just to establish how fucked up “Erica” is, and it sets the mood for the film pretty quick. Once the film gets going and if this is all you know about the storyline then I urge you to hunt it out and check out what happens next as it has to be seen to be believed. Please try and stay away from reviews of this film as a lot of them would give away certain parts of the story that I found absolutely necessary to be viewed by complete surprise.
The acting is fantastic throughout especially from “Nate” who was played by English actor “Noah Taylor” and the film is superbly made and shot on a tiny budget by English director “Simon Rumley”
A film that would be suited for fans who like their stuff very dark and very disturbing.
Accompanied by a disturbing score that just sounds like some dude hitting random notes on a piano this alone will fuck with your head just as much as the story does.





one of the most graphic and violent films to ever be released. A film that is so disturbing in every way that you will probably need to go out for some air after watching it.
The film follows the boyfriend of a beautiful woman who was violently raped in the Paris suburbs. His hunt for the rapist leads him and his friend into a dark and sleazy underground. This film like most of the others in my top ten list has some of the most disturbing scenes in it that you could ever imagine. not for the faint hearted, a breakthrough and fantastic, original piece of cinema,.with a
Powerhouse performance from “Vincent Cassel”.




This film is very straight forward. A guy who owns a local pawnshop befriends his next door neighbour who happens to be a 8yr old girl. He goes through each day not saying a word and ignoring every attempt that the little girl makes to try and get him to talk..
When the little girl is kidnapped by a group of men who wanna harvest her organs, he takes on the whole crime syndicate by himself, leaving countless amounts of corpses along the way.
I thought this film was unreal. I am not a huge fan of action movies, but this movie reminded me of “Leon” with a little bit of “man on fire”, and to top it all off that, its fucking Korean, and it kicks serious ass.






    1. Thanks for stopping by. I will be writing anoher one very soon as I had forgotten about quite a few but never realised till after posting the article..
      Thanks again for stopping by

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