A harrowing, sad and very disturbing true account of the murder of teenager “Rachel Barber” in Australia back in march of 1999, who was killed by her neighbour and babysitter “Caroline Reed”
This film is based on a best selling novel called “the perfect victim” which was writer buy “Rachel’s” mother. The film is the complete story, from the disappearance till the discovery of her body .
I have seen a lot of fucked up films, but I have to say the actual murder scene in this film is very graphic and will leave you a feeling uneasy, and mainly because this is a true story and not the product of someone’s twisted imagination, and the scene it’s self is really frightening and acted brilliantly.
Although it did have quite big names in it like, “Guy Pearce” and “Sam Neil”, the one who stole the show was “Ruth Bradley” a Dublin born actress (with a great accent), in her early 20”s when she did the role. She reminded on a young Kathy bates from “misery”. I really don’t think I have ever seen a female in a lead role since “misery” that I could say ” wow, she was creepy”, up until now.
Featuring a great soundtrack form “John butler trio” and a cameo from the JB himself.
A brilliantly written and extremely well acted Australian real life drama/thriller.
Also known as “I AM YOU”.





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