if you’re Looking for something thats a little different than the rest, Something that’s a little batshit crazy. Then we can always trust in the Japanese to deliver us something so insane, it takes the most demented of minds to even watch the stuff.
Coldfish is a unusual story about a owner of a tropical fish store who gets befriended by another fish store owner and his wife, who just so happen to be deranged serial killers.
The film is trippy and even though I wasn’t high when watching it, I still felt I had dropped acid or some sort of hallucinogenic . Loosely based on actual events in which a husband and wife who owned a pet store killed up to 4 people.
The acting is brilliant throughout the film but the husband killer is by far the best. The amount of energy that he had was freighting, and extremely fun too watch.
A great serial killer film that would be for fans of films like “chaser”, “I saw the devil”,”ichi the killer”. A lovely blend of extreme violence, gore, and laugh out loud black comedy.
10/10 for being so insane.



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