Before the huge success of “let the right one in”, came “frostbite” (frostbitten). Another astonishing Swedish vampire film that is just as dark as “let the right one in” but would remind you of the american horror “30 days of night”(but released before). Simply because the vampires target a town where is no sunlight, but apart from that there is no similarities.
The film is also a black comedy and its very cleverly done. The gore is really good and vampires are Brilliant, and its not very often that you get a decent horror comedy.




The story of a well loved catholic priest who agrees to try a new drug to help find a vaccine for a virus. The priest immediately responds with unbelievable results. The town think that he is the saviour and he has been blessed. Well I thinks it’s safe to say that the drug didn’t actually work, and it ain’t long before we see our servant of god showing the effects of vampirism.
Guaranteed to be unlike any vampire film you’ll ever see. A very unusual and different film but wonderfully written, acted, shot, and directed.
From the director of “oldboy”, “I am cyborg”, and “stoker”.




This film has not only earned its place as One of the best foreign vampire movies, but it has earned it’s place as one of the greatest horror films of our times. This film received such good reviews form every single part of the world. If you haven’t already seen this one , then you are probably one of the only people on the planet.
The story a young teenage boy called “Oskar” in the early 1980’s, who befriends his new next door neighbour, who also happens to be a 200yr old vampire stuck in a kids body.This is how a vampire film should be.
An American remake was released in 2010 called “let me in” and it was the first title to released under the “hammer horror” name in years.
I think the only reason that this remake was so good, is that they stayed really close to the original. They never changed anything apart form the names of the characters, and I think that the eerie feeling of the first movie was just transferred for an audience who can’t be fucking bothered to read subtitles. It was the best American horror remake I can think of, with yet again, two more brilliant performances from the two lead roles.
Also written was a book called “let the old dreams die”. Written by the same man who wrote the novel . This book is a continuation of “Oskar” and his new found vampire friend “Eli” which takes place immediately after the first book ends.
A lot of people don’t know this fact about the film, and I can’t remember completely, but they seemed to have left it out of the American remake “let me in”.
The scene where “Oskar” is looking at “Eli” getting changed and he notices a huge scar on “Eli”.
Well here it is folks. “Eli” isn’t actually a girl at all. Not only has poor little “Oskar” fell for a blood sucking hound from hell. He has also fell for a 200 yr old castrated boy.
This proves the fact that “Eli” never seen anything in “Oskar” and all she wants is for him to be his/her servant until he gets old and can’t serve anymore. Then it’s time to start all over again.
That fact completely changed my view of the film. I left the film feeing it was sort of a romantic vampire love story (and they can be done well), then when I found out that “Eli” was actually castrated and it automatically gave the film a more darker premise.




Helmed as one of the finest horror films to have come out of the 1990’s. “cronos” is the first feature from director “Guillermo del Toro” and everyone knows that this man has went on to make, and continues to make some of the finest and most visually striking films of our time.
The story of an elderly antique dealer who discovers a device called “the cronos”. This device has the power to grant him eternal life, but at the same same time gives him a craving for blood.
A really different vampire movie that took everybody by surprise. Replacing fangs and the usual stereotype that comes with vampires, with a very unusual and unique type of vampire film that is truly original and is still way above the rest to this very day.




When “vlad” returns home from Italy and finds out that one of the resident of his village has been murdered,and the rest of the villagers are acting very strange. Vald takes it upon himself to find the killer, and find out what is wrong with the rest of the village.
Not your typical vampire film, and that’s the reason I loved it so much.
A low budget horror comedy from Romania, written and directed by “Faye Jackson”.
“strigoi” never seemed to get the praise that it deserved, and its a pity as well as its such a good film.





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