It don’t get much more unique than this, and this is a film that was made on such a extremely low budget ($250.000).
when you go to sleep there is two types of warriors that will determine if you have a dream or a nightmare. If you have a nice dream then you have been visited by “the storytellers” who will come and firmly place their hand on your forehead and you will have the nicest of dreams, but if you’re having nightmares then you have been visited by “the incubi”.”The incubi” are a faceless and horrible distorted presence.
So the story follows a character called “ink” who is trapped in limbo between dreams and nightmares.”Ink” steals the soul of a young girl and tries to earn his place with “the incubi”.
A remarkable piece of filmmaking. If you can appreciate a good story then you’ll soon see past the low budget. If this film had the financial backing it deserved, then I think everybody would know about this film. So when you’re watching it, think about what it could be.





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