Month: August 2013


I was blown away by this film. The acting is incredible, the storyline is simple but yet very original and insanely creepy. This is definitely one of the best thrillers I’ve seen in quite a while and I’ve been looking for it since its release in 2011 and it was definitely worth the wait.

The story follows cesar. He works as in an apartment building as a concerige. He has all the keys to all the apartments and seems like a pleasant and happy to help sort of a guy. What one of the residents doesn’t realise is that cesar has been repeatedly sneaking into her apartment at night hides under her bed until she falls asleep and starts doing some really disturbing stuff. That’s all i will say about the storyline because its best if you really don’t know what’s gonna happen.
This film isn’t very graphic nor is it all that violent but man it’s one hell of a film and the best thing about it is its simplicity. It will get under your skin and it will stay under your skin (hiding) and it is guaranteed to leave a mark on you.

Written and directed by “Jaume balageur√≤ who has also helmed “rec”, “rec 2” and currently wrapping up the fourth and final instalment of the “rec” franchise, “rec4 apocalypse”
This is expert film making in every aspect. The script, cinematography and the direction is just fantastic and you will definitely be left feeling uneasy. A dark and disturbing thriller that is brilliant on so many levels. Jaume balageurò is definitely a director to keep our eyes on.





Great foreign thrillers

From now on I am gonna trust no one but myself. I am sick to the teeth of people writing bad reviews for films when clearly they don’t know what they’re on about and must’ve been high on crack when submitting the review. I have began to wonder if some those critics had a personal vendetta against these directors, actors. I believe that if you don’t got anything good to say then just keep your mouth shut. One of the main reasons I’ve started up this site is to submit nothing but positive reviews for films that I’ve personally enjoyed and think you guys would as well. If I don’t like the film then ill just not write about it, it’s that simple and that way I ain’t hurting nobody’s feelings. Win win

Anyways this is probably the darkest Spanish thriller that I’ve seen to date. I found this film hugely entertaining and I thought that the acting from the main character was exceptional (complete with mullet, tache, and big sunglasses) and the rest of the cast was as solid as a rock also. The director also deserves a mention for giving us a great Spanish noir thriller.

The story follows a crooked cop called “santos” who leaves a witness at the scene of a crime. We then follow this bent cop as he races against time to cover up his tracks. He is a cop at the end of the day so he knows what to do and it was actually very clever the way that this happens.
A bigger and badder storyline lays ahead also but I never knew anything about it so I’d advise you all just to watch it like I did and enjoy.




Released in 2005 ” a bittersweet life” is still a force to reckoned this is a hardcore korean thriller with great acting , directing and just doesn’t stop from beginning to end. We all know that this director knows his shit. This is the man who helmed the almighty “I saw the devil” which in my option is one of the finest serial killers movies ever made and we all know know that “I saw the devil ” is one of the most fast paced, and extremely intelligent films around.

The story is very simple and that’s what’s so enjoyable about it. Everything about it is predictable but this isn’t a bad thing. Unlike any other Hollywood film this movie has intelligence as well as predictability. You want the film film to move forward and you are looking forward to the outcome.
After doing a good deed “Kim Sun-Woo” thrown out of his gang. It ain’t long before he returns seeking revenge on them. That’s basically it, it don’t sound like much bit I promise you this is better than 90% of the film you’ve ever watched.




The film starts off with “Benny” getting deported back to Mexico from the United States . The border cop says something like ” welcome to Mexico, don’t ever fucking come back”, and from that moment on Benny is thrown back into the world of violence, drugs and guns which he tried to leave 20 years ago. After being mugged several times at gunpoint on his first day back “Benny” is now desperate and sees no other choice but to hook up with old friends who now work for a cartel. He needs to earn money and get his brothers wife and his nephew across the border and into the United States.

I don’t think this film would work any wonders for the Mexican tourist industry, it really does make Mexico look like a really bad place, hence the name “el infierno” (hell), but in saying that, this film is remarkable, brilliantly written, acted, extremely violent, sad, and has murder and corruption in almost every scene, but the best thing about this film is that although it had all the violence, murder and corruption and is drenched in depressing and shocking realism, they still manage to keep you laughing and entertained right to the end.
Highly recommended






I have been patiently waiting on this film now for quite a long time. It didn’t disappoint, although I thought they could’ve done with a bit more onscreen mayhem, and some more fangs.
It’s obvious from the start that this is a a film by “Neil Jordan” it has striking similarities to “interview with a vampire” ( in the flashbacks) but that is far from a bad thing. Apart from “let the right one in”, “let me in”, “.30 days of night”, “frostbite” and maybe “stakeland” we have been starved for many years of good vampire films. This day and age it is way more cooler to be a sparkly vampire than it is to be a frog brother, and that’s just not right.
The story follows two female vampires who have been on the run for about 200 years. They have been moving constantly from city to city, never getting the chance to settle down and lead any sort of normal life (for a vampire).
They’re not your usual burn in the sunlight vampires, they seem to be pretty much human apart from the fact that they need blood to survive. The young vampire (Saorise Ronan) is tired of moving all the time and hates carrying the burden of having to keep her life a secret. The older one is earning cash by selling her body on the streets (quite a nice body as well). She meets a vulnerable man and she immediately has her hypnotic vampire ways with him and before we know it, the vampires have a lovely run down hotel to stay in. It ain’t long before the older vampires inner pimp arises and turns the run down hotel into a brothel.
If you’re looking for action, blood and gore then I’d advise you to stay away from this film. The film to me was more a mother/daughter drama. If you take out the vampire element of the story then you could easily have a hardcore drama in which a woman and her daughter are on the run from and abusive husband, but thankfully they are vampires and that just makes it way better.
I enjoyed because it dared to be different. The acting was really good , but you would expect nothing less because it has a really good and well known cast.





A superb French thriller that won a lot of well deserved award including best actor and best director. The story of a man who was suspected of brutally killing his wife. Years later two corpses are found in the exact same place as his wife was murdered, so the police start to suspect him again, and things start to get even more crazier when he receives a strange email showing recent video surveillance of his murdered wife alive and well.
A great thriller that can not be faulted in anyway.



2: 36
probably my all time favourite heist movie. Fast paced French cop thriller that’s still better than the rest 9 years after it’s release.
Starring some of France’s finest actors and a film that has more intelligence than a thousand Hollywood movies.
Police are failing miserably at trying to catch a violent gang of criminals who’ve been pulling off heists.
when a promotion is on the the cards at work, two cops go head to head, using extremely different tactics they battle it out to try and solve the case first, as only one can receive the promotion.
This film was loosely based on events that happened in France during the 1980s and the director of the film was an ex cop who had spent 12 years on the force.
Better than de niro and Pacinos “heat”



The story of a young boy who lives a rural and run down part of southern Italy. He is ten years old so he spends his days running in the near by fields with his little sister, doing anything and everything to keep themselves entertained. One day when the kid goes to get something for his sister, he makes a grim discovery. A boy who is being held captive in a large hole in the ground.
This film is stunning to look at. The scenery is breathtaking and the way that the story unfolds is nothing less than genius.