nightAnother Indonesian thriller to be watching out for. Starring “Joe Taslim from “the raid” and “fast and the furious 6” alongside “Yayan Ruhian” also from “the raid” and it will be directed by “Timo Tjahjanto”who’s has also helmed “macabre”, “dara” a segment in “v/h/s2” and also a segment in “the abcs of death” and the action scenes will be directed by “Gareth Evans” writer and director of “the raid”.

The story follows a triad enforcer who witnesses a massacre and sets out on a personal mission to seek revenge. I really couldn’t find anymore about the storyline but that has sold it for me, and giving the cast are exceptional and knowing the previous films of the directors , it’s safe to say that this will be one to watch out for.

so expect a lot of violence, murder, gore and some beautifuly choregraghed action scenes.

This post will be updated as i find out more about the film.



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