Leonardo Dicaprio Is set to play a serial killer in the upcoming movie “the devil in the white city”. The film is based on a book of the same name and is about a American serial killer who stalked his victims in the late 1800’s in Chicago. His name was “Dr H H Holmes”.

I had never heard of this serial killer so I did a little bit of reading on him. I was shocked at the sadistic methods that he had used to lure and kill his victims. He had built a hotel and had rooms fitted with gas lines and had them sound proofed. He would dispose of the bodies through a secret shoot that went to the basement. He then would dissect their corpses, burn them or sell their skeletal remains to medical schools.

So I’m intrigued to see this being brought to the big screen (sadistic much?) I know this will be based on a true story and most of the events actually happened. It’s sort of sick that I’d watch it, but hey this sort of stuff makes great cinema and I’m glad to see Leonardo Dicaprio doing such a sinister role. I have very bit of faith that he’ll do a great job.



Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company “Appian way” will also produce.


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