Month: October 2013



The story follows Driss, he’s applied for a job as a carer helping a quadriplegic man called Phillipe. He has no intention of taking the job. All he wants is a signature so he can prove to the welfare office that he’s actively been seeking employment so he can get benefits. Phillipe is automatically drawn to him, he’s way more different from the rest of the applicants who all just see a disability rather than a human being. So without a hesitation Phillipe gives Driss a months trial and so begins one of the most memorable experiences you’ll ever witness on-screen.

It’s not very often I’d watch a trailer and be in hysterics laughing. I can safely say this film isn’t just a fine comedy but it’s one of the finest films you’ll ever see. I was shocked at how much I laughed all the way through. I had forgotten what good comedy was, as we’ve just been polluted with Adam sandler and Wayan brother movies for what seems like a thousand existences

After watching it I done some reading on it. The film has made movie history is so many countries and is the second biggest film in French history. I can’t fault this film and if anyone did then they would need to go and have their heads examined. A film that’s suitable for all ages and a film that will never leave you after viewing.

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when I was looking at the korean box office a few months ago I noticed that there was this film titled “secretly greatly” that was number one and was beating big blockbusters such as “man of steel” etc.
So I have been constantly on the hunt for it since I had found out about it and I had watched the trailer and finally had the pleasure of viewing it last week.

The story of three spies who are trained from birth in North Korea to become ruthless killing machines. They are deployed into South Korea and have to live completely different lives until they receive instructions from the North on a mission they’ll have to carry out. One is the village idiot who lives in an apartment above a shop. He goes about his day pretending to have the mind of a child. The other is a wannabe rock star who can’t even play an instrument and the other is a school boy who looks about 10.

I wasn’t really expecting it but it’s more of a comedy than anything else. The acting is very good from the main character but the others play their roles just as well. I think playing a mentally challenged character who is secretly a ruthless killing machine was quite a task but he nailed it.

There is also a nice blend of action in it although it does take some time to kick off but when it does it does not disappoint. Also there is a constant stream of tension flowing through the whole film, as they don’t even know what the order is going to be. You grow quite fond of the characters they are playing and it’s brilliantly written and directed seeing them transform from their everyday and boring identities into the ruthless killing machines they have been trained to be.





As you all know I’m a big fan of Korean cinema and that is solely because these guys/girls can wipe the fucking floor with nearly any other director/writer that’s out there. Their story-lines are strikingly original but are always very simplistic and just executed in such a powerful and smart way. Is it any wonder some of your favourite American masterpieces are nothing more than a afterthought, a regurgitation of brilliance and creativity. I can completely understand people not wanting to read subtitles (it does take some getting used to) so I can understand to a certain extent the reasons for remaking these films. That and the fact that they can’t come up with any of their own ideas.

This film has the feeling of “infernal affairs” or “the departed” as it’s sadly better known. It’s a cop/gang movie that starts off with a snitch getting wet cement poured down his throat, placed in a barrel and thrown into the ocean. My mouth was hanging open at the barbarity of the first scene and I knew within 2mins that this film is going to be fucking brillant. The story follows an undercover cop who’s is torn between the two lives he leads. One in a well respected crime syndicate (who needs a new boss), and the other a cop who keeps getting fucked about time and time again, getting told that this will be his last job undercover, and continuously getting lead astray by his superior officer who is played brilliantly by “choi min-sik” (oldboy, I saw the devil).

This film is way more intelligent than your average undercover cop story. Although the premise of this movie has been done before. No one can do it quite like the Koreans. An American remake is in the works (surprise surprise) and due for release 2015.