The story follows Driss, he’s applied for a job as a carer helping a quadriplegic man called Phillipe. He has no intention of taking the job. All he wants is a signature so he can prove to the welfare office that he’s actively been seeking employment so he can get benefits. Phillipe is automatically drawn to him, he’s way more different from the rest of the applicants who all just see a disability rather than a human being. So without a hesitation Phillipe gives Driss a months trial and so begins one of the most memorable experiences you’ll ever witness on-screen.

It’s not very often I’d watch a trailer and be in hysterics laughing. I can safely say this film isn’t just a fine comedy but it’s one of the finest films you’ll ever see. I was shocked at how much I laughed all the way through. I had forgotten what good comedy was, as we’ve just been polluted with Adam sandler and Wayan brother movies for what seems like a thousand existences

After watching it I done some reading on it. The film has made movie history is so many countries and is the second biggest film in French history. I can’t fault this film and if anyone did then they would need to go and have their heads examined. A film that’s suitable for all ages and a film that will never leave you after viewing.

Available on american Netflix



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