Month: May 2014


THE RAID: REDEMPTION remake has been put on hold until 2015.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the news when I first heard it, but a remake is no doubt inevitable and it comes after such a short time after the release of the original Indonesian classic, WTF? It just keeps proving my point that Hollywood doesn’t have an ounce of originality left.

Some rumours have surfaced about the casting and the short-list apparently is Ethan Hawke, Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo and Luke Evans.

Fuck that !!! What in gods name is Ethan Hawke gonna do in THE RAID remake? I can’t imagine Ethan Hawke administering the round house kicks to the same level as the talented Iko Uwais.

They could change the story which I’m pretty sure they will. Take out the martial arts and replace it with guns and muscle.

Not impressed though… Not impressed at all.

I doubt many people would be…..SIGH!




Even after all the bad reviews that the first instalment got, I still went to the cinema with the wee bro to see it. The film had potential but I’d been following it all through production and I knew the film was pretty much cursed from the get-go. I didn’t hate the film, I just thought it was a little bit bland, and I had more than one problem with it. The zombies were just fucking horrible looking (I’m only out of bed 2 mins and I bet ya I look a better zombie) they looked like they had a dose of flu. The special effects were impressive at some points. I found the horde scenes to be very cool but very confusing as everything was a long distance shot, here was too much running about and the scenes were over before they started.

As for the gore side of things. Well fuck me pink on a bike!!!! This was my main reason for it being shit. Even back in 1968 with a tiny small budget, George A Romero and his band of merry men were able to give us more gore. For a multi-million dollar project, was a few severed heads, some bites on the face, some limbs getting torn off., to much to ask?. This is the usual stuff you can expect from a zombie film of any budget. There was a scene were Brad PItts character chopped of a soldiers arm to stop the spread of infection. I was was thinking “here we go, this is gonna be cool looking”, then camera goes to a different shot…….FUCK!!!. It’s actually like they said “shite, we spent all of our money on zombies trying to climb a wall”

Ok enough of tearing the old one apart and let’s have a look at the sequel.

Steven Knight has been the scribe hired to write. I’m sure you all know who he is, but for any of you that don’t, he’s has written some fantastic films over the years like EASTERN PROMISES, DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, and he’s also the man behind the new tv show PEAKY BLINDERS.

It will be directed by J.A Bayona, the director of “The Impossible” and also Spanish horror “The Orphanage”

Brad Pitt will reprise his role as Gerry Lane which in fairness to the man can’t be a bad gig at all as he gets to travel everywhere in the world.

As for Steven knight being involved. I very much believe that a lot of the obstacles they faced while making the first one won’t happen again.

I’m pretty sure this is heading in the right direction.




BLUE RUIN was a brilliantly written revenge thriller with a memorable lead performance from lead character Dwight-played by Macon Blair. His character was just 100%. He was nervous, terrified, uncertain, and very unpredictable.  This just added to the realism of the storyline, and with a solid script, good direction, and some nice stunning cinematography. The film has all the right ingredients to become a cult classic.

BLUE RUIN writer/director Jerry Saulnier has now been given the go-ahead for his next feature film which will be called THE GREEN ROOM.

This film will focus on a punk band who finds themselves trapped in a venue fending off a pack of blood thirsty neo-nazi skinheads (bet ya thought I was gonna say werewolves).

Already I am loving the storyline, so keep your eyes peeled for more info on THE GREEN ROOM



A little bit of news was released recently about the plot for upcoming release “Jurassic World”.

It has been confirmed that there will be good dinosaurs and there will be (only one confirmed) a bad dinosaur.

The good dinosaurs are trained in the park by the humans, and the big bad boy is a splice of multiple dino DNA (with camo abilities) which at some point some idiot lets out to cause death and destruction.

I think this is a very strange road to go down, they must have something pretty special in store for us. Who would’ve thought that our next generation of heroes would be a fucking T-Rex and a pile of velociraptors.

Does this mean now in future instalments of the franchise we might get to Jeff Goldblum’s character return and see him ride dinosaurs into battle?

I’m not impressed so far……except the thought of Jeff Goldblum riding a dinosaur into battle. I’d defo pay to see that.




OFFICIAL PLOT (asian wiki)
Detective Gun-Soo (Lee Sun-Kyun) is involved in a car accident which he attempts to cover up. He then falls into an unexpected situation with the only witness Chang-Min (Cho Jin-Woong) threatening him. Chang-Min hides his true purpose and identity from Gun-Soo.

This looks like it can be another huge hit from South Korea. The description above doesn’t really give you any clues to how he covers up the hit & run accident.

When he accidentally kills this man, he tries to dispose of the body in his recently deceased mothers coffin. I think the coffin is in a funeral parlour and he has to open up the coffin and throw this body on top of his dead mother. Now that sounds a little bit unsettling, doesn’t it?

Obviously the shit hits the fan and things spiral out of control when he receives a phone call from a stranger who claims to have seen him cover up the accident.

So, I’ve absolutely no idea where the film will go, but one thing is for sure, Korea sure does know how to bring us a good fast paced and original thriller.




It’s not very often (actually never) that I’ve  sat down to write about a film from Burma.  The only man I’ve known to be man enough to enter Burma was a certain man called john Rambo, and even he was hesitant. I couple years back I watched an astonishing, yet heartbreaking documentary called “Burma Vj” which I just thought I should mention because it really is something that everyone should see.

“Ice poison” follows two main characters in what looks like a documentary style film. The two characters are poor and struggling to make ends meet, and are left with no other choice but to go into the drug trade and start selling crystal meth. So, we can only imagine how things will turn out. With the style of filming involved I thinks it’s safe to say that it’s gonna be very realistic, dirty, and gritty as hell.



OFFICIAL P,OT (asian wiki)
A love story between a professional hitman and his next target.

OK, I could be doing without the love story side of of things, but I’m pretty sure this is destined for greatness as it’s the new film from “Man from nowhere” director Lee jeong-Beom. The trailer looks great, but I’m sorry man, I just can’t dig the epic asian pop songs that are sometimes played in these trailers. Im sure it’s huge in Korea and everyone loves that type of music. I honestly think that it leaves a really cool trailer dripping with cheese and I’d even go as far as saying that I have my head in my hands every time I hear one. Just as well they make some of the finest films on the the planet, so I can forgive them for their love of pop music.