Some great foreign thrillers movies releasing soon so I’ve decided to do another Top Ten Foreign Thrillers post. This is part one and will feature 3 movies. Part two will feature another three great films with the final post featuring another 4 gems. Enjoy

I was left feeling a little weird after Watching the trailer for this. Looks like more of a psychological thriller/drama than anything else. Seems like a simple premise and judging by the trailer, there seems to be very few cast involved.

The story follows two young twin brothers. They are in a large empty house waiting on their mother to return home. Time passes and the boys start to wonder what has happened to their mother. Just as they’re about to give up hope of her ever returning, a strange woman enters through the front door, her whole face is covered in bandages , she is claiming to be their lost mother, but the kids are unable to tell because of the bandages. She seems different, she doesn’t seem like the person that they once knew. So that premise sort of freaked the fuck out of me a little bit!! This sounds pretty damn creepy.

The trailer had a huge runtime of over three minutes which I thought to be way too long. I think the trailer gave away a little bit too much of the storyline, I’m pretty sure I’ve pieced together the entire film just by watching the trailer, I hope I am wrong though and it offers a lot more than expected.

One thing is for sure, this looks absolutely terrifying !


This just looks like a lot of bloody fun. The film follows a man called Nils who has just been awarded citizen of the year. His son is murdered for something that he did not do. Nils then takes it upon himself to go on a act of vengeance to get all responsible and to find out the truth behind his sons murder.

While we have the premise for quite a brutal and dark thriller, this films is very much a black comedy. I believe that if you can laugh at subtitled trailer then the comedy has to be really well written. When I think about it, I’d probably prefer it no to be a comedy, but this looks and sounds brilliant so I ain’t complaining.

New film from acclaimed Japanese director Tetsuya Nakashima. If you are unsure about who is he is-, he is the writer and director behind Japanese cult favourite CONFESSIONS. A movie about a teacher who targets the students who are responsible for her daughters death. If you ain’t seen it then that film is well worth checking out.

I’m unsure of any real premise for this film. There is a small description on imdb but I think I’m just gonna give this one a go purely based on the fact that I’ve loved this mans previous work. He always seems to offer something different.


Thanks for reading.


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