Poster looks really freaking cool and the supporting cast are just as awesome with Ray Winstone, Idris Elba, Javier Bardem and Mark Rylance.

From the director of Taken and The Transporter. Now, is that a good thing?? Well I thought Taken was great when it it first came out. If you turned off your brain then it was a great bit of escapism… However stupid and unbelievable/realistic it was.

Now for The Transporter…… Ok, thats enough about The Transporter.

If it didn’t have such a talented cast then I’d probably wouldn’t be giving this the time of day. Let’s hope there is a solid thriller here and not just guns blazing, nice cars and a high body-count.

I must say though, I am looking forward to seeing Sean Penn make a come-back. The man is a fine actor, as is his entire supporting cast.

Official Plot (IMDB)
An international spy must clear his name in order to save himself from the organisation he used to work for.






Although I didn’t quite get what I was expecting, there is no denying that this was one of the best indie world cinema releases of last year. The pace was rather slow and the film is very character driven and mainly focuses on one character.

That character is Jorge – a father of two that is becoming increasingly worried about the gangs who are starting to hang around near his family home. After Jorge gets mugged – his son then tries to get back what was stolen from him, but ends up getting shot in the process…. Which isn’t very nice, is it?

Disgusted by the the lack of help from the local authorities and the lenient sentences handed down by the courts – Jorge makes the decision that if his family is going to be safe then he will have to take matters into his own hands.

The description of the film (on Netflix) fooled me into thinking this was some sort of Chilean version of Dead Man Shoes – so I couldn’t resist. The acting was powerful throughout, although the pace was slow, I was dying to find out what Jorge would become when he snaps.

I do wish that the film was a little longer because I thought there was a lot more they could’ve done with the storyline, but they kept things simple, yet effective.

I was a little underwhelmed when the credits started to roll because I thought it ended very sudden. It was after I had watched it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It was in there bouncing back and fourth and just wouldn’t leave. So I watched it a second time and enjoyed it even more. This is A slow-burning character driven story that gets inside right your head and under your skin.

The soundtrack for the movie was also an interesting choice and added to the feel of the movie. There would be scenes of Jorge sitting there in his pants playing some nice sounds on the harmonica.,. This is mainly the music for the entire film and I personally enjoyed that, it was definitely a different approach.



This is the new film from Rare Exports writer/director and it looks a lot bigger and badder, and dare I say, weirder than Rare Exports – plus we have Samuel L jackson as the The President Of The United States (come on, that’s a wee bit epic, right?)

So what I gathered from the trailer is that a young kid somehow manages to rescue the president after airforce one gets shot down. I’m pretty sure the Big Game is The President of the USA and he is being hunted, with the kid as his guide and protector.

The trailer I thought was just ok – but I’m such a huge fan of Rare Exports that I’ve been waiting to see what these guys will release next. To be honest, I really couldn’t give a shit, whatever it is, it has my full attention.

3: 6 HOURS


A new disaster movie from Chile, and also the feature-length directorial debut from Chilean filmmaker Diego Ayala.

When a nuclear company announce that one of their reactors has suffered a critical and irreversible breach, the residents of a neighbouring town have just 6 Hours before the reactor goes into full meltdown and all hell breaks loose.

The premise sounds intriguing, very believable, and if done right then we could have a truly terrifying experience coming our way – seriously if that news was announced, what in the name of fuck would you do??

Most of the disaster movies we get are from America. They are predictable, full of mind-blowing and impressive special fx. They have some Hollywood A-lister like John Cusack, Dennis Quaid or Bruce Willis trying to save mankind.

These films cost so much money to make and spend the majority of the cash on special fx which results in poor and predictable scriptwriting, pointless character development, and characters that you wouldn’t mind seeing get swallowed up by Mother Nature.

These films are just eye candy, don’t get me wrong, they do deliver one hell of a cinematic experience, but the scripts are that poor that you could sit there with headphones on listening to Pink Floyd not paying any attention to the dialogue.

Now knowing that this Chilean filmmaker won’t have the budget to contend with Americas disaster movies, I believe that he will replace the special fx with gut wrenching intensity, with believable characters that we will care about.

Really looking forward to this one !!

Thanks for reading, there is so much great stuff coming our way this year and I’ll try my hardest not to miss a thing and keep you all constantly hooked.

Why would Ridley Scott think that no one wants to see XENAMORPHS in PROMETHEUS 2???

Back when Scott first announced that he was going to be entering the Alien universe once again, I didn’t know of a single fan who wasn’t overwhelmed by the news. Everyone knew, that if one person could make amends with fans, and make people forget about those horrible and ridiculously cheesy kiddies films AVP, then Sir Ridley Scott was the right man for the job.

Then Prometheus was released with a star-studded A-list cast. What could’ve possibly went wrong? Well, I just don’t know to tell you the truth. I enjoyed Prometheus but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I was thinking I did, I WANTED TO LOVE THIS MOVIE,I NEEDED TO LOVE THIS MOVIE. But it just lost the tension and claustrophobic feel. I thought he was going to be taking it back to the roots. As a huge fan, it’s sad to say but even with all the advancements in filmmaking and Visual FX, I still preferred a freakishly tall dude in a rubber Alien costume.

Also, as an avid fan of the franchise (well most of it) my wee heart broke In two when I first heard that Prometheus would not be getting an 18Cert ( R ). That’s when my alarm bells started to ring. You mean to tell me, we’ve waited so long for something so good, a horror film adored by millions, and has one of the biggest cult followings in film history… And you can take your kids to the cinema with you for a family day out. Well, that just sounds like he’s going all EXPENDABLES on our asses.


H.R Giger’s (rip) work was still very much alive in Prometheus but not enough. His worked seemed to have only one purpose, and that was the set itself. When we seen an alien, it reminded me more of Mac & Me than the Alien we have all grown to love and fear.

Now with the recent passing of Giger I feel it’s even more important to continue the mans legacy. Just bring back the fucking Xenamorphs already. In my opinion, without Giger’s strong influence, this franchise would cease to exsist.

In a recent interview with Yahoo,Scott said spilled some beans on Prometheus 2

“I got lucky meeting [H.R.] Giger all those years ago. It’s very hard to repeat that. I just happen to be the one who forced it through because they said it’s obscene. They didn’t want to do it, and I said, ‘I want to do it; it’s fantastic’. But after four, I think it wears out a little bit. There’s only so much snarling you can do. I think you’ve got to come back with something more interesting. And I think we’ve found the next step. I thought the Engineers were quite a good start.”

Ok, the engineers were a good idea, but did you ever see that film Powder?, that’s all I kept thinking when I saw them, they looked like giant sinister versions of Powder.


He says it’s hard re-create Giger’s vision. And basically the Xenamorphs had their chance in the limelight. Yes, it might be hard to completely Re-create Giger’s vision, but let’s be honest, it ain’t that fucking hard to re-create a tall dude in an Alien rubber suit ,now is it?

Rant over

Thanks for reading.



JUSTIN BENSON and AARON MOORHEAD are a directorial duo responsible for one of the most forward thinking horror movies in recent years. Having crashed onto the scene in 2012 with their excellent debut RESOLUTION, a tense film about the strange goings on surrounding the fallout from an intervention with a drug addict, they have caught the attention of keen eyed genre fans across the globe. Due to the favourable response from RESOLUTION, they were asked to contribute a segment to the latest VHS horror anthology, VHS Viral, an honour reserved for the most promising emerging talents that horror has to offer. I reached out to them as they were adding the finishing touches to their hotly anticipated latest offering, “Spring”” and they kindly agreed to put their necks on the line and be the first MOVIEHOOKER interview subjects. I’m very keen to discuss their film-making process, influences, opinions on the genre and what’s next on the horizon for them…

RESOLUTION has just been released, it’s pretty much got universal praise. Guys, how did that feel? And what’s the most cherished memory you carry round in your heads regarding RESOLUTION?

J: Me, Aaron and Vinny rehearsing together, then just a really harmonious set experience out in the country, everyone easy and humble. A really good time, no weird requests, everyone having a good time and just doing their best and working their asses off for the result. Then the world tour that followed. Getting to watch it with people all around the world was extremely special.

A: I remember sitting on a giant rock on top of the mountain with the entire cast and crew, almost three weeks into the shoot. Most shoots, just by their very nature, ends with everyone hating everyone. But it was just summer camp. I am the least likely person to say this, but making Resolution felt like some kind of a transformative experience. Then we went back and played Portal 2 and edited some scenes together and drank beer and rehearsed that night.

RESOLUTION started off as a really good buddy story but then it seemed like DAVID LYNCH came riding in on a big black steed from the TWILIGHT ZONE. Is there a similar sense of unpredictability with your new film, SPRING?

J: SPRING is very similar to RESOLUTION but on a much bigger scale. It explores a romance very similarly to the way we deconstructed the friendship in RESOLUTION. And though the mystery structure is almost exactly the same, there’s a whole lot more seeing the monster in SPRING.

A: We didn’t set off to make a movie “like Resolution,” our films are just kind of borne from doing the thing we like to do. Spring for sure will catch you off guard and keep you thinking, but ideally about completely different things.

OK, don’t lie to me, did you guys both sit down and say to yourselves, “Where in the world would be awesome for a holiday?” then just write SPRING and choose Italy as the location?

J: Truthfully, it was more like, where would be nice to work. People told us later that it’s actually impossible to shoot in Italy, but that turned out to be VERY untrue. Also, Mediterranean coastal towns are really neat place to juxtapose grotesque stuff.

A: Hey man, we looked into every tax credit situation in the world, we would have done what had to be done. But no complaints about shooting on the most beautiful coastline on the planet. And it needed to be that beautiful to really work, the film couldn’t really just be anywhere. The sense of being under attack in paradise wouldn’t be there.

You guys pretty much control the whole movie process – everything from cinematography, to shooting, editing, writing and sfx. As a duo, do you feel this is important? To have almost total control?

J: It’s the absolute most important thing. We have super hero collaborators too like David Lawson and Yahel Dooley, but every single final decision on everything goes through us. We had final cut over RESOLUTION and SPRING, and without it they would be very different movies, and we probably wouldn’t have careers as directors.

A: It’s not just about megalomania, it’s about control, and it’s about money. It’s one less conversation to do it yourself, especially if you can do it well. And frankly, it’s far more affordable when the burden is also on you as producer to get it done right — we’ll pull the long hours, we’ll take it all the way to the finish line, because we have to care about it more than anyone else. We have to. But we also can’t downplay the contributions of others. We wear a lot of hats, but the other members of the team do magic.

SPRING has made it into TIFF along with some other fantastic movies. What other films are you looking forward to seeing, and who are you looking forward to chillin like villains with?

J: Well we already saw The Guest and it is AWESOME, but beyond that it’s TIFF so pretty much every movie in Vanguard andMidnight is good and unique. Looking forward to chilling with Colin and pretty much everyone else from around the world. New movies by Peter Strickland and Fabrice Du Welz sound exciting.

A: Foxcatcher couldn’t look any cooler, same with Kill Me Three Times. For me, TIFF is a reunion of all the programmers, filmmakers and friends from all the other festivals we ended up at, a beacon for pretty much everyone in my little world, so I hope I live through the week.

You guys got a segment in the new VHS VIRAL, how did that come about and what can you tell us about your story ?

J: We hustled hard for it, it’s called Bonestorm, it’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S, and there’s fighting skeletons.

A: There is a shot in it where someone’s head gets smashed in by a skateboard, from the point of view of a gopro on the skateboard. Anyways, back to being classy…

NACHO VIGOLONDO is also involved with VHS VIRAL. TIMECRIMES is one of my all time fave films. Did you guys get to chillax and exchange ideas and just talk movies?

J: Not yet! But probably at Fantastic Fest. We actually haven’t see the movie yet but Marcel is a buddy and Gregg Bishop is a great dude.

A: I hear he might be the coolest man in the world, but I have yet to meet him. Gregg Bishop can for SURE do more pushups than me. Marcel’s sweatshirt-wearing abilities are challenged by none.

Another man involved with VHS VIRAL is MARCEL SARMIENTO, the director of 2008’s DEADGIRL. If it was your first time meeting him, did one of you happen to ask “dude, seriously, wtf?”

J: That would have been hypocritical from the guys who made the Lovecraftian chained up friend buddy comedy.

A: Justin said it.

Who do you think the best names in the horror genre are and why?

J: Ben Wheatley and Jim Mickle probably, in the “indie” realm anyway.

A: Can’t not mention Ben Wheatley. Everything he does, I like, and he is moving horror in a bold new direction. And let’s be real here, True Detective was as much horror as it was mystery. I want to see more of THAT horror.

As filmmakers, was it always going to be horror? What I mean is that, did you choose the genre or did the genre choose you?

J: We never chose a genre but it’s fun being in the sort of outcast, underdog one. I’m from blue collar San Diego so there’s some romance in that, but really we never discuss which genre we’re in and I never consider it in my writing.

A: We still haven’t really picked a genre, we just kinda do the movies we like. There’s no genre we don’t like or wouldn’t consider. We just want to make things we think are good.

Who owns that red guitar I seen in one of your pics? (Its delish) and what music do you guys like to listen to (for my benefit only)

J: Red guitar? I dunno’. I wish I played. My latest Spotify selections were indie rapper Cage, Sigur Ros, Conjure One (for writing), Tyler The Creator, The Eagles, The Police, NOFX, Professor Green, Good Riddance, The Streets, the Boyhood soundtrack, Aesop Rock, Johnny Cash, XO, Breaking Bad soundtrack, and Tom Waits.

A: Neither of us have any abilities outside of filmmaking, except I can do bad imitations of people and Justin can arm-wrestle real good. So I have no idea what you mean by red guitar. As for music, my stuff is Sigur Ros, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The White Stripes, Shiny Toy Guns…I don’t even like to go further for fear that someone will judge my taste.

What’s your next move?

J: A scrappy UFO Cult Comedy, a not scrappy movie about Aleister Crowley, and hopefully a TV show.

A: What he said.

Guys thanks a million for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you all the luck in the world with SPRING and every bit of future success.

I love you sooooo much, even if you are a decomposing corpse.

When I actually think about these new type of zombie comedies it sort of repulses me a little bit. As if going round decomposing and devouring human flesh wasn’t enough, they have to throw in a wee bit of necrophilia now. Even that film WARM BODIES, wasn’t that for kids??, was it not about some girl who was in love with a corpse?.

I’ve seen some disturbing stuff in my time man, but the premise of that just doesn’t feel right. Yes, there might be some hidden bullshit meaning that we should all love each other. But NO….FUCK THAT!!…..you just don’t fall in love with a corpse, that’s just all kinds of wrong, man….DESTROY THE BRAIN AND GET OVER IT !!!

Call me old-fashioned, but I preferred when the infected just tore the flesh off his/her partner and then he/she became infected. They didn’t hold hands or go to the beach, or have a domestic argument, they just devoured and ate in everything in sight.

I haven’t seen Warm Bodiesnor do I want to, but I will give Life After Beth a shot when it gets released.
The reason I’d give that one a watch is because it’s from the awesome XYZFilms and I’ve been an avid follower of that production company from the start. I’m not expecting it to be groundbreaking cinema and it has a bag of mixed reviews, but the trailer made me chuckle a few times, and sure if it raises a few smiles then I can’t argue with that.

Now we have another film called Burying The Ex. Another “I’m in love with a fucking corpse movie,” but this time Gremlins director Joe Dante is the man in the directors chair. Usually I’d be excited at the thought of a new horror comedy from Dante but this just sounds like the others. It hasn’t been released, so I could be wrong but I highly doubt it.

There just seems to be an abundance of these movies. Films that primarily aimed at a younger, less mature audience which results in bigger bucks at the box-office. It sometimes feels like they’re trying to re-create some sort of Twilight franchise,. With beautiful chiseled zombies that still look damn fucking hot…. Even if they’ have been dead for weeks.

There has been so much zombie movies recently, but not enough good ones. When I see a zombie movie get announced, most are like “just another fucking zombie movie.” There seems to be no originality left in this great genre and as a result of that, all we get is the same regurgitated bullshit over and over.

Rant over.


IMG_5805.JPGEvery year there is countless film festivals happening all across the globe. It’s an exciting time of year for both the filmmaker and the fan. The filmmaker gets his/her chance to show off their work to an audience of film lovers and production companies. Then, hopefully if all goes well, they can sell the rights to the movie for further world-wide distribution.

The film fan is spoiled for choice. There is so much films to choose from, so many genres, so many styles, so many different cultures. As an avid movie lover that just sounds like heaven to me. And then if you are lucky you could get a Q+A with the directors and actors. There is more than enough quality viewing at this festival to suit any movie-fans needs.

I am well aware that there will be many more great films coming out of this festival, so I’ve picked ones which I’m familiar and I’ll break it up into 3 posts,.This means your guaranteed some fantastic viewing..

Since the release of 2012’s mind-fuck RESOLUTION I have been keeping a close eye on directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. They anonounced some time ago that there next film would be another horror film, it will be called SPRING and it will be set in Italy. But as far as any sort of plot or details about the film, nothing was heard for a long time.

I love what these guys are doing, they know how to roll. and they’re giving us something different in a genre that’s overpopulated with so much repetitive shit, and as a lover of all things horror and weird, I welcome them with open arms. I wish these guys the best of luck and have no doubt that these guys will continue to give us memorable movies throughout the years.

Justin Benson & Aaron moorhead have also bagged a segment in the latest VHS movie VHS VIRAL. And I look forward to seeing what these guys will bring to the table.

I’ve asked Justin Benson would it be cool if I was to throw some questions at him, and he very kindly agreed. He said that he would throw Aaron ion the chain also. I have just finished writing the interview and I think I’ve got some pretty cool questions for them. So if you’re a fan of Benson and Moorhead (and you should be) then stay tuned for the interview.


Episode #259 of Kevin Smith’s podcast was called The Walrus And The Carpenter. Someone placed a hoax add on Gumtree. The add was that a landlord required a tenant to occupy a spare room. The tenant would live there rent free, but in return all he/she would have to do is dress up in a walrus costume for few hrs everyday, and go full-walrus. He or she would not be allowed to speak unless they made walrus sounds, they would have to eat mackerel and clap their little walrus hands.

Ok, so anyways, Kevin smith and his buddy Scott Mosier heard about the add. They had a bag of weed, and hit the record button, within the hour they had the premise for a excellent horror movie and TUSK was born right there on-the-spot.

This film is guarenteed to be the only film you’ll see this year about a man getting surgically transformed into a walrus. So if you’re a fan of movies like The Human Centipede but feel you’ve had your fix of people getting their mouths sewn to assholes, then I’d highly recommend TUSK


3: REC 4
I had almost lost all faith in ever getting to see [REC]4. When the third instalment was released, it didn’t stay true to the previous two. When it was announced that Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró would go their separate ways for the final two instalments, no one had any idea that Plaza would attempt something completely different. It was the same infection alright, but he introduced new characters and surroundings with no familiarity to its predecessor, and also (and I don’t know why) he introduced a little bit of comedy. If [REC]3 was just a spin-off of the franchise, then I would’ve probably enjoyed it a lot more. But unfortunately I’m a sick son-of-a-bitch, I feel I’ve been dragged too far down this infectious rabbit-hole to sit down and watch a [REC] movie and laugh along the way. I enjoy the intensity, the blood, the infection, the ancient virus, the demonic twist, the claustrophobic feel, and the sense of “everyone is fucked.”

Now with [REC] 4 Jaume Balagueró takes a much needed trip back to 2009 to everyone’s favourite apartment building in Barcelona. The fourth and supposed final instalment of the franchise will take place immediately after the events of the 2nd film. Angela is now infected (unknown to everyone else) and is taken to a huge ship and is quarantined. Obviously the infection gets out again and all hell will break loose.

One thing I’ve noticed about the trailer is that Jaume Balagueró seems to have left the found-footage approach at the door. He approaches the final instalment just like Paco Plaza done with the third. To a lot of people that sounds like a great idea, as it’s only a minority that like the shaky hand-cam approach (I’m one of them). The infected (or possessed) also look quite different, this time they look like they’ve mutated further, giving some (in my opinion) similarities to Lamberto Bava’s 1985 cult classic Demons..


PART 2 coming soon
Thanks for reading 😉


THE RAID: REDEMPTION remake has been put on hold until 2015.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the news when I first heard it, but a remake is no doubt inevitable and it comes after such a short time after the release of the original Indonesian classic, WTF? It just keeps proving my point that Hollywood doesn’t have an ounce of originality left.

Some rumours have surfaced about the casting and the short-list apparently is Ethan Hawke, Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo and Luke Evans.

Fuck that !!! What in gods name is Ethan Hawke gonna do in THE RAID remake? I can’t imagine Ethan Hawke administering the round house kicks to the same level as the talented Iko Uwais.

They could change the story which I’m pretty sure they will. Take out the martial arts and replace it with guns and muscle.

Not impressed though… Not impressed at all.

I doubt many people would be…..SIGH!