The Team that Brought Us Broadchurch And The Slap Are Bringing The Dead Back To Life In GLITCH

It has just been announced that an Australian mini-series has started shooting in Melbourne. The 6-part series (each episode an hour long) Will be called Glitch and it seems to something in the style of Les Revenants aka The returned. I could be completely wrong though, but one thing is for sho, this is something we’re gonna love.

The show was created by Tony Ayres (The Slap) and was developed Ayres and Louise Fox (Broadchurch)

The story will take place in a fictional town called Yoorana – here’s the low-down

“Yoorana becomes the gothic rural backdrop to a tale of love and redemption, of second chances gained and lost, of vengeance and forgiveness. As the “Risen” discover who they are and why they have returned, those around them are also faced with a perplexing new reality, challenging all the beliefs and ideals they held dear.”

This is gonna be fantastic, the team behind this have written some superior television. They have also said “this is not a vampire or zombie show,” so I’m really excited to see what we’re gonna get.

More to follow as it’s announced



There is no denying that THE FALL is one of the finest serial-killer tv dramas ever to be written. The team behind the series also helmed classics like CRACKER (one of my top shows of all time. Fitz is my hero) and also PRIME SUSPECT starring the wonderful Helen Miren. Both shows were on-top of their game, the writing was fantastic, they had the right leads for the roles. As a result both CRACKER & PRIME SUSPECT have went down as some of the best crime programmes in television history.

I have often thought about that old saying “they just don’t make them like they used to” when watching new British cop shows. There has been a few good ones throughout the years (mostly mini-series) but nothing you could compare to the brilliance of the two mentioned above.

When I first heard about THE FALL I had no idea what it was about. I even thought that someone like Gillian Anderson was a strange choice for a new serial-killer drama that’s set in Belfast. I watched the first episode and was sucked straight in. I then took to imdb and started to check the writers, and wasn’t surprised in the slightest that this was the same team behind CRACKER & PRIME SUSPECT.

The problem I have is that I binge-watch everything. I had the full season available for streaming on Netflix and watched the entire thing just like it was one giant feature-length film. The writing was fantastic, clever and extremely dark. Gillian Anderson is phenomenal as the lead, and Jamie Dornan, (I’d say the will be huge now as he is playing Dorian Grey in 50 Shats Of Grey)he is perfect in the role of the serial-killer. I’ll not say anything about the plot in the hope that someone reading this hasn’t seen this yet. I haven’t revealed much of the plot as you get to know who the serial-killer is pretty much from the start.

Now after a year of rocking back-and-fourth like a junkie waiting for his next fix, the 1st episode for season 2 has just been announced. I have read two dates online RTE1-9TH NOV & BBC2 -13TH NOV (these channels are based in Ireland and UK only. Pretty sure both stations have an Iplayer available). As for Netflix, I’m still not sure guys but you’ll be the first to know when I get the info. I need this to be on Netflix, I need another binge-watch, I don’t think I can live on just one episode a week.




Vince Vaughn has been confirmed as the second lead in True Detective Season 2, leaving only the female lead to be filled. It looks like Rachel McAdams or Elizabeth Moss are the two rumoured, but things have been kept very quiet.personally I’m hoping for Moss, as I loved her performance in New Zealand tv drama Top Of The Lake .

I have just checked IMDB and Moss is officially listed for TD2, so this is really good news

I’m glad that it was Vaughn that got the other male lead. No matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t picture Gerard Butler taking on the job.

Ive never had a problem with Vaughnas an actor, and I think that True Detective will show us just how good he can be if given the right direction and script. And now it looks like Mossonboard as well, which can only mean one thing. Epicness.

Justin Lin has also been confirmed as the director for the first two episodes. Does this mean we’re gonna get another 8 episode season with 4 different directors, each directing 2 episodes each??

Stay tuned for more info.



When the True Detective finale aired, every single viewer wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Russ and Marty. I knew during pre-production that they would only be there for one season, and that each season would be a completely different story and cast. And the same as everyone else, I wanted to see more of them.

Not only did the thought of season two frighten me, but I just couldn’t see anyone topping Harrelson & Mcconaughey’s performance. And Fukunaga’s eerily, beautiful direction. True Detective was so perfect in so many ways.

So, it’s been on everyone’s mind, who is going to be starring in TD2??. And at last, I can tell you all with ease that the first cast member confirmed is irish actor Collin Farrel.

Mr Farrell has released some great films in the past, but I’m sorry, he has released some absolute bollocks as well. He seems to rock the screen and shine the most when he is doing independent features, like Intermission,Seven psychopaths etc etc.. The movies with the bigger budget all seem to have a shallow and hollow script. I can never fault his acting, and I honestly believe that he goes into a film thinking it’s going to be great (ok,some for the cash as well), but he’s only the actor. He has no idea how the finished movie will look.

As soon as the rumours surfaced about Farrell, i felt comfortable with the idea of him playing one of the leads. This time I have no doubt in my mind that we will see the finest performance to-date from Farrell.

I think he is a fantastic actor and I’m looking forward to seeing what he is gonna bring to the table in TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 2. Here’s hoping that the casting for the remaining 2 detectives is just as strong.

Other actors rumoured to star are
Gerard Butler
Brad Pitt
Vince Vaughan
Rachel McAdams
Elizabeth Moss

Stay tuned for more updates.




JUSTIN BENSON and AARON MOORHEAD are a directorial duo responsible for one of the most forward thinking horror movies in recent years. Having crashed onto the scene in 2012 with their excellent debut RESOLUTION, a tense film about the strange goings on surrounding the fallout from an intervention with a drug addict, they have caught the attention of keen eyed genre fans across the globe. Due to the favourable response from RESOLUTION, they were asked to contribute a segment to the latest VHS horror anthology, VHS Viral, an honour reserved for the most promising emerging talents that horror has to offer. I reached out to them as they were adding the finishing touches to their hotly anticipated latest offering, “Spring”” and they kindly agreed to put their necks on the line and be the first MOVIEHOOKER interview subjects. I’m very keen to discuss their film-making process, influences, opinions on the genre and what’s next on the horizon for them…

RESOLUTION has just been released, it’s pretty much got universal praise. Guys, how did that feel? And what’s the most cherished memory you carry round in your heads regarding RESOLUTION?

J: Me, Aaron and Vinny rehearsing together, then just a really harmonious set experience out in the country, everyone easy and humble. A really good time, no weird requests, everyone having a good time and just doing their best and working their asses off for the result. Then the world tour that followed. Getting to watch it with people all around the world was extremely special.

A: I remember sitting on a giant rock on top of the mountain with the entire cast and crew, almost three weeks into the shoot. Most shoots, just by their very nature, ends with everyone hating everyone. But it was just summer camp. I am the least likely person to say this, but making Resolution felt like some kind of a transformative experience. Then we went back and played Portal 2 and edited some scenes together and drank beer and rehearsed that night.

RESOLUTION started off as a really good buddy story but then it seemed like DAVID LYNCH came riding in on a big black steed from the TWILIGHT ZONE. Is there a similar sense of unpredictability with your new film, SPRING?

J: SPRING is very similar to RESOLUTION but on a much bigger scale. It explores a romance very similarly to the way we deconstructed the friendship in RESOLUTION. And though the mystery structure is almost exactly the same, there’s a whole lot more seeing the monster in SPRING.

A: We didn’t set off to make a movie “like Resolution,” our films are just kind of borne from doing the thing we like to do. Spring for sure will catch you off guard and keep you thinking, but ideally about completely different things.

OK, don’t lie to me, did you guys both sit down and say to yourselves, “Where in the world would be awesome for a holiday?” then just write SPRING and choose Italy as the location?

J: Truthfully, it was more like, where would be nice to work. People told us later that it’s actually impossible to shoot in Italy, but that turned out to be VERY untrue. Also, Mediterranean coastal towns are really neat place to juxtapose grotesque stuff.

A: Hey man, we looked into every tax credit situation in the world, we would have done what had to be done. But no complaints about shooting on the most beautiful coastline on the planet. And it needed to be that beautiful to really work, the film couldn’t really just be anywhere. The sense of being under attack in paradise wouldn’t be there.

You guys pretty much control the whole movie process – everything from cinematography, to shooting, editing, writing and sfx. As a duo, do you feel this is important? To have almost total control?

J: It’s the absolute most important thing. We have super hero collaborators too like David Lawson and Yahel Dooley, but every single final decision on everything goes through us. We had final cut over RESOLUTION and SPRING, and without it they would be very different movies, and we probably wouldn’t have careers as directors.

A: It’s not just about megalomania, it’s about control, and it’s about money. It’s one less conversation to do it yourself, especially if you can do it well. And frankly, it’s far more affordable when the burden is also on you as producer to get it done right — we’ll pull the long hours, we’ll take it all the way to the finish line, because we have to care about it more than anyone else. We have to. But we also can’t downplay the contributions of others. We wear a lot of hats, but the other members of the team do magic.

SPRING has made it into TIFF along with some other fantastic movies. What other films are you looking forward to seeing, and who are you looking forward to chillin like villains with?

J: Well we already saw The Guest and it is AWESOME, but beyond that it’s TIFF so pretty much every movie in Vanguard andMidnight is good and unique. Looking forward to chilling with Colin and pretty much everyone else from around the world. New movies by Peter Strickland and Fabrice Du Welz sound exciting.

A: Foxcatcher couldn’t look any cooler, same with Kill Me Three Times. For me, TIFF is a reunion of all the programmers, filmmakers and friends from all the other festivals we ended up at, a beacon for pretty much everyone in my little world, so I hope I live through the week.

You guys got a segment in the new VHS VIRAL, how did that come about and what can you tell us about your story ?

J: We hustled hard for it, it’s called Bonestorm, it’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S, and there’s fighting skeletons.

A: There is a shot in it where someone’s head gets smashed in by a skateboard, from the point of view of a gopro on the skateboard. Anyways, back to being classy…

NACHO VIGOLONDO is also involved with VHS VIRAL. TIMECRIMES is one of my all time fave films. Did you guys get to chillax and exchange ideas and just talk movies?

J: Not yet! But probably at Fantastic Fest. We actually haven’t see the movie yet but Marcel is a buddy and Gregg Bishop is a great dude.

A: I hear he might be the coolest man in the world, but I have yet to meet him. Gregg Bishop can for SURE do more pushups than me. Marcel’s sweatshirt-wearing abilities are challenged by none.

Another man involved with VHS VIRAL is MARCEL SARMIENTO, the director of 2008’s DEADGIRL. If it was your first time meeting him, did one of you happen to ask “dude, seriously, wtf?”

J: That would have been hypocritical from the guys who made the Lovecraftian chained up friend buddy comedy.

A: Justin said it.

Who do you think the best names in the horror genre are and why?

J: Ben Wheatley and Jim Mickle probably, in the “indie” realm anyway.

A: Can’t not mention Ben Wheatley. Everything he does, I like, and he is moving horror in a bold new direction. And let’s be real here, True Detective was as much horror as it was mystery. I want to see more of THAT horror.

As filmmakers, was it always going to be horror? What I mean is that, did you choose the genre or did the genre choose you?

J: We never chose a genre but it’s fun being in the sort of outcast, underdog one. I’m from blue collar San Diego so there’s some romance in that, but really we never discuss which genre we’re in and I never consider it in my writing.

A: We still haven’t really picked a genre, we just kinda do the movies we like. There’s no genre we don’t like or wouldn’t consider. We just want to make things we think are good.

Who owns that red guitar I seen in one of your pics? (Its delish) and what music do you guys like to listen to (for my benefit only)

J: Red guitar? I dunno’. I wish I played. My latest Spotify selections were indie rapper Cage, Sigur Ros, Conjure One (for writing), Tyler The Creator, The Eagles, The Police, NOFX, Professor Green, Good Riddance, The Streets, the Boyhood soundtrack, Aesop Rock, Johnny Cash, XO, Breaking Bad soundtrack, and Tom Waits.

A: Neither of us have any abilities outside of filmmaking, except I can do bad imitations of people and Justin can arm-wrestle real good. So I have no idea what you mean by red guitar. As for music, my stuff is Sigur Ros, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The White Stripes, Shiny Toy Guns…I don’t even like to go further for fear that someone will judge my taste.

What’s your next move?

J: A scrappy UFO Cult Comedy, a not scrappy movie about Aleister Crowley, and hopefully a TV show.

A: What he said.

Guys thanks a million for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you all the luck in the world with SPRING and every bit of future success.


In a recent interview with collider, Evan Goldberg announced that himself and Seth Rogen recently had a meeting with the big dogs at AMC and “preacher” creator Gareth Ennis.
Although they’ll be adding some of their own personal touches, it sounds like the ball is rolling and they’re gonna be sticking as close to the comic as they possibly can, which I’m sure the fans of the graphic novel will be happy to hear.

“We need to change some stuff, but we’re not gonna change much, I hope. We’re just gonna do a little more of the preamble instead of doing flashbacks and restructure how we dole out the information a little, but we’re gonna [do the] same characters, same story, same ending. We’re gonna try to stick to Preacher as best we can” Goldberg says

I’m really looking forward to this. I have to admit, I really do like Seth Rogen but he has released some shit as well. I did like “this is the end,” which was co-written by Evan Goldberg. I mean, it was good for what it was and had some genuine funny moments but it was nothing special (my opinion only) .

I haven’t read the series, I really want to but I think I’m gonna leave it now until I see some episodes on the small-screen. That way I’m not gonna be disappointed (which I doubt I would be anyway) and I’ll get to see it with open eyes, not be judgmental and be appreciative that we are getting something so dark and different.

We can take comfort in the fact that they are both super-fans of the series. So let’s hope that their vision is the vision that the fans want to see.

I wish them well with it.


THE RETURNED (original French tv show)

When I was watching this show “Danny Boyle” came to mind. When he made “28 days later” he took a  genre and fucked with it. “28 days later” looked and felt like a zombie film he just changed the rules a little bit and gave us rage filled zombies that just wanted to tear you apart rather than have you for a main course.

“The returned” does just the same, it takes a genre and fuck’s with it and the result is fantastic. This is a very slow burning series and isn’t very violent or gory but it is really eerie in a realistic sort of way (if that makes any sense at all).

The story follows a group of people who have suddenly returned from the grave. They’re not your usual type of zombie. They look just like they did when they were alive and they don’t go around stinking of rotten flesh or even crave flesh. They have been returned and they have no idea why. Some of their loved ones think that’s its a miracle that their loving departed has returned from beyond the grave and that god has given them a second chance, and some people can’t come to terms with the fact that a corpse is sitting in their kitchen eating sandwiches and think that something more sinister is about to go down.

I really liked it because it was so different. There is a little bit of gore and a few murders thrown into the storyline but I had accepted that it was more of a drama than anything else by episode 4, but still strikingly original. I had no choice but to watch all 8 episodes one after the other.

There has been an English remake for channel 4 which has also got great reviews and I’m officially on the hunt for it now after watching the original French series.  As I said the original was more of a drama than anything else so I think a remake is a good idea. Not that there was anything wrong with the storyline but there is a lot of room for a different take on the story. One In which the dead aren’t so nice when they return.

The music also deserves a mention. “Mogwai” was in charge of  composing the entire score for the programme and done a great job. the music has a huge part to play in the series and even though it was beautiful to listen to it was clever;y crafted for the darker scenes which suited it greatreturned_2578266b