gareth evans. brad ingelsby


I remember reading about the first installment of The Expendables and thinking “this is the best action ensemble that’s ever been created, there is no possibility that’s this could ever be bad”.
Then Stallone made me feel more at ease by saying “you can expect rivers of gore, necks snapping like bread sticks”.
THEN HE WENT AND RATED THE THING 15, SO YOU COULD TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THE CINEMA. I mean, that’s not very action packed is it?.

I feel very strongly about this, If you claim to have the best action movie of all time, do you not think it would disappoint nearly everyone if that movie was rated so you could take your kids with you to the cinema to watch it?.
Then we got inevitable sequels which were no improvement on the first instalment.

So now we have Patrick Hughes of the expendable 3 whowill be directing the raid remake with a guy called Brad Ingelsby writing the screenplay

(Ingelsby will also write the screenplay for English remake for superior action french thriller “point blank”).

The raid delivered so well because of its simplicity. The story-line was so simple yet executed in a such a way that it would be impossible for it not to grab your attention. The talented Gareth Evans has found himself an all new action hero in leading man Iko Uwais. The fight scenes were choreographed beautifully and it looked and felt like what an action movie should be.
There is no point in a remake. How can you improve on perfection?

¬†As for Gareth Evans involvement with the project. He will serve as executive producer and has been quoted saying that he has some creative input if needs be. He seems to have a lot of faith in screenwriter Brad Ingelsby, so we’re just gonna have to wait and see what its going to turn out like. maybe they will take the action out of the building and give it a new lease of life. Replacing fine choreographed fight scenes with muscle and ego. the bottom line is, its too early to pass any sort of judgement.