Stars Of “The Raid” Movies Rumoured For New Star Wars

Star Wars fans may have an even bigger reason to be excited for the next instalment in the Star Wars franchise.

I just read a short-but-sweet article from TwitchFilm that the stars of Gareth Evans Indonesian martial-arts masterpieces, The Raid and The Raid 2: Berandal may appear in Star Wars Episode 7 – The Force Awakens .

Founder of TwitchFilm Todd Brown is also a partner in XYZFilms – the production company that backed both Raid movies (among many other greats), so if there was any truth to the rumours, then no doubt, Twitch is the best place to look.

Iko Uwais (Rama), Yayan Ruhian (Mad-Dog), Cep Arif Rahman (The Assassin) have all been rumoured to have been eyed up by Abrams for some serious ass-kicking in the new Star Wars movie. What the part is, no one has any clue – I have checked all Twitter accounts for some information but nobody has said anything as of yet.

Excited much?

Stay tuned for more info



It’s not very often a film comes along that sounds as insane as parasyte. On a a madness scale of 1 to 10, this definitely goes all the way up to 11.

Based on a popular manga series of the same name. The movie follows a teenage boy who unknowingly stopped a worm-like alien from taking over his body while he was sleeping…..well sort of.

The Parasyte enters your body through your eyes or ears, but because he was sleeping and listening to music with headphones on, the Parasyte said “fuck it,” and burrowed a hole in his hand instead. The next day the kid wakes to find that his hand has been inhabited by an alien life-force and the rest of the world are much more worse.

Having an alien hand obviously comes with it’s advantages when trying to fight off an alien invasion and save mankind. His hand can morph into just about anything (think Stretch Armstrong only some seriously cool weaponry). His hand is his friend, his companion, and his only hope for survival (and it looks extremely cute, and I want one).

There seems to be a huge amount of CGI but from what I can see, it looks really well. With a film as mad as parasyteit would be impossible to do anything else. This film is insane, we’re going to be seeing some crazy stuff.



Finally a full trailer has been uploaded to YouTube so if you’re gonna check one trialer today, then let it be this one.

Film is in two parts with the first releasing 29th Nov (japan) and the other instalment will follow in 2015.



It don’t get much more unique than this, and this is a film that was made on such a extremely low budget ($250.000).
when you go to sleep there is two types of warriors that will determine if you have a dream or a nightmare. If you have a nice dream then you have been visited by “the storytellers” who will come and firmly place their hand on your forehead and you will have the nicest of dreams, but if you’re having nightmares then you have been visited by “the incubi”.”The incubi” are a faceless and horrible distorted presence.
So the story follows a character called “ink” who is trapped in limbo between dreams and nightmares.”Ink” steals the soul of a young girl and tries to earn his place with “the incubi”.
A remarkable piece of filmmaking. If you can appreciate a good story then you’ll soon see past the low budget. If this film had the financial backing it deserved, then I think everybody would know about this film. So when you’re watching it, think about what it could be.





“District 9” was one of those films that everyone enjoyed. It’s was even suitable for kids (well I think so anyways) I made my girlfriend watch it, and the Lord knows that she be very hesitant when it comes to watching my films. Anyways she watched it , she fucking loved it, and I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t enjoyed it. Adapted from a short but genius film that “Neil Blomkamp” posted on youtube called “alive in joburg”. Peter Jackson caught a glimpse and immediately seen the potential and flew Neil blomkamp to the shire m New Zealand where they apparently sat up all night and played call of duty zombies and talked about how they could adapt his short film into a full length feature.
Blomkamp was also working for free in a production company and in return he would be allowed to use their equipment. The production company was owned by “sharlto Copley” who played “wickus van der meere”” in district 9. Blomkamp and Copley had a pact that if blomkamp ever got the chance to make a full length feature then Copley would play the leading role. I have to say that for a first feature “sharlto Copley” was fucking unreal. I found it very difficult to believe that this was his first ever role he done a great job and so did blomkamp.
So 4 years later we have “Elysium”, the brand new feature from “Neil Blomkamp” which also stars an almost unrecognisable “sharlto Copley”, and by the look of it he looks pretty evil. So for his second feature “blomkamp” has managed to get some of the biggest names in Hollywood on board. I am not surprised that when “Matt Damon” read the script he immediately wanted to be part of “Elysium” as did “Jodie foster”.
So the year 2154 and earth has been destroyed and left in ruins, but still remains populated by the less fortunate and poor . The rich and powerful have packed up their suitcases and moved house to “Elysium” a superior space station run by “Jodie Foster”, where everyone lives the life of luxury and no one can ever get sick as they have some sort of machine that scans your and cures you of all illnesses.
So meanwhile back on earth, poor old Matt Damon” is dying (of what I dunno) and has no other choice but to infiltrate “Elysium”, use the no more disease machine, maybe save humanity,and return to earth to do whatever he does.
The official trailer was just released a few days ago on YouTube and it looks absolutely fantastic. Matt Damon undergoes some serious transformation using weaponry that is custom built and bolted into the back of his head and can only be activated using his DNA so I don’t even know what to expect from that but I know that its gonna be epic.
As for Sharlto Copley”, I don’t know what to expect. I have heard rumours that he will be playing some sort of bounty hunter but we will have to wait and see.
I know for a fact that no film in this genre will even come close to the brilliance and intelligence of the script, the originality of the way that’s its shot and just like DIstrict 9 people will be able to relate to the storyline, even though the year is 2154. I wouldn’t be surprised If this movie breaks some serious records in movie history when its released.
Bring it on