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As these movies are all relatively new and are only recently released or getting released soon, I’m gonna go with my gut instinct with them. The films I’ll be featuring in this 3-part-post have all been researched and are on my watchlist for future viewing. I am very rarely wrong when it’s comes to world cinema titles.. So let’s get this started!!


Without a doubt this film has the most insane trailer that I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m a huge fan of Japanese cinema because they are just bat-shit-crazy, they make movies that are so twisted and deranged that it takes a special kind of viewer to appreciate them….. Someone who is touched with a mild case of insanity… Thankfully, I fit that bill just perfectly, as does most of my readers… So we’re good to go!! I just have to point out that this film is listed for release in 2013 but is only starting make some waves now… It’s my list, it goes on!

Official Plot
A love-hate relationship develops between a deranged young woman and an old man. Nami inherits a large sum of money, freeing up time for her to engage in a series of bizarre hobbies, including spying on lonely people like herself. One day she spies on an old man as he watches porn DVDs in his home. After witnessing this, she begins relentlessly stalking him.



I had heard of this film before but had completely forgotten about it, thanks to Fangoria posting the trailer on Facebook recently, I’ve once again got it in my sights.. And this time, it’s not getting away. I am constantly on the hunt for movies, some manage to get away from me, or slip beneath the cracks, but it’s only a matter of time before I get my grip on them and get them up on Moviehooker

The film reminded me a little bit of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, not that it was about loads of god Damn Hairy apes, but about dogs who aren’t full pedigree, and have had enough of being outcasts. They start up a dog army to teach us filthy humans just who’s boss which looks like it’s lead by a young teenage girl (the owner of the “Ceaser” like dog).

The one thing I loved about the trailer was that it wasn’t very CGI-heavy, it looked like real animals, just shot very cleverly. The premise sounds interesting and has already conquered Cannes Film festival…. So that alone gives us the reason to be eagerly awaiting this one.

3: Broken

download (1)
We all know how big a fan of Korean cinema I am. Recently, I finally got my girlfriend to watch Castaway On The Moon, and I was blown-away all over again by the lead actors performance. I realised that I hadn’t done any research into any other movies that he’s been in. That’s when I found out about Broken. I purposely didn’t read too much into it in fear of spoiling it. All I know is that it’s a vengeance type of movie, and if anyone can do Vengeance – then it’s the Koreans. So without even knowing what this flick is remotely about, it goes on the list.

I’m really looking forward to this one


Another film that has makes its way right to the top of my watch-list – No doubt this will be another solid entry from the guys of XYZFilms.

Official Plot (official site)

When honest undercover cop Chili Ngcobo (winner of the TV Talent show, ‘Class Act’, S’dumo Mtshali), and his by-the-book partner, Sello ‘Shoes’ Moshoeshoe (lead actor of the Oscar Winning film ‘Tsotsi’, Presley Chweneyagae), are cheated out of a large reward by their corrupt superiors, Chili finds another way of getting the money he feels they deserve. Chili penetrates a cash-in-transit heist gang, and instead of busting them, convinces his partner to participate in a once off score.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post which i’ll have up in a few days. Thanks for reading


Christmas Cruelty – A Moviehooker Review

Firstly I’d like to explain a little bit about the movie, this is a low-budget independent feature made by a handful of people in a small rural town in Norway. Just so you can get to know who these guys are – here is a sort of Bio from the official press release from Christmas Cruelty

Magne Steinsvoll isn’t only an actor in “Christmas Cruelty!”, he was also one of the writers, one of the directors, one of the producers, he made most of the music, worked on the sound and engineered most of the camera rigs used in the film. As if he didn’t have enough jobs in filmmaking, he’s also an electrician and musician.

Per-Ingvar Tomren is the other director, one of the screenwriters, an actor, made the special effects and worked as a stuntman in “Christmas Cruelty!”. Per-Ingvar has Brittle Bone Disease, which probably isn’t the smartest combination with stunt work. During the production of “Christmas Cruelty!” he fractured two ribs, a lot of fingers, toes, small bones, his jaw and sustained a skull fracture, which led to internal bleeding and a permanent brain damage.

Raymond Volle is responsible for the beautiful camerawork in “Christmas Cruelty!”, which was his first feature length film as a Director of Photography. He became director Per-Ingvar Tomren’s closest collaborator, and they are currently working on several new projects together.

Christmas Cruelty is a daring movie, to say the least. The movie comes with a warning sign, and that was a pretty good idea if you ask me.

When watching something like Christmas Cruelty (or any independent low-budget feature) I would always leave any budget issues at the door. I would always think, ok, right!! What if these guys had total control and freedom to make the feature that they wanted to make. What if money wasn’t an issue, what film would we see then? Don’t get me wrong, the movie looked really good, it had a real 70’s gritty Grindhouse sort of feel to it .

I always look on the bright-side of low-budget cinema. If the film has potential (and this one certainly does) and the acting is decent, and we have some nice camera work, then it’s only a matter of time before someone notices that and paves a path for them to continue to make bigger budgeted and better features.

And I have to say that I have a lot of respect for this movie and how vicious it actually is. Let’s face it, if they toned down the movie and gave it a more festive certificate and made it suitable for a wider audience, then it would more than likely increase the profit, but they didn’t, they went for a sinister approach that is very much targeted at hardcore horror fans, and I’ve nothing but total respect for that. But I do have to reiterate, this is quite gruesome and is defo not for the faint hearted. It may be low-budget, but it still packs quite the fucking punch.

There is an obvious talent behind the direction of the movie, and the cinematography was very impressive. I’ve been watching fucked up movies all my life, but I have to say, some of the scenes in this film fucked with my head a lot more than some of the big budgeted shockers, and the first scene is about 2minutes into the film….so you don’t have that look to wait before the madness begins.

The strong references to all our favourite horror movies is strongly present throughout the film. When I spotted my first, they just kept coming and I enjoyed spotting them all. This was due to a lot of the movie being shot in Per-Ingvar’s apartment, and it was a nice touch to the fim. This was obviously a horror movie, made by hardcore horror fans, for hardcore horror fans.

The humour is actually very good, I’ve said in many a post that if you laugh out loud at a movie when you’re watching and reading subtitles at the same time, then the humour has to be well written. Unfortunately sometimes when watching a subtitled comedy you loose some of the punch.. But thankfully this is not the case. Per-Ingvar and Magne sort of reminded me of a Norwegian Tucker & Dale .

Although I liked about 90% of the soundtrack, there was one song that I wasn’t really a fan of. I thought that the scene in question would’ve been more suited to a different type of vibe. Not that it was a bad song or anything, it just wasn’t my bag, and that’s just my own musical preference and has nothing to do with the movie.

The serial-killer doesn’t fuck about, he is as vicious as they come. When he isn’t murdering entire families and committing unspeakable acts on them, he’s at home with his family, playing the loving father. I have to say this was a daring role for any actor to take on, so I’ve total respect for that also. I am sure he is a lovely man in real-life, but he really does suit that dark and deranged role

Here is a little bit about the serial-killer from the official press release.

Tormod Liens portrayal as vicious serial killer is a huge departure from the roles he usually plays. He is probably most famous for playing the character, Jakob Vassvik in “Jakob – mannen som elsker Jack Nicholson” (2007) and “Jakob og campinglivets farer” (2007). Jakob is a very loveable and sweet role from two very family friendly movies, so the contrast to the villain Tormod plays in “Christmas Cruelty!” is enormous. But Tormod Liens life have always been filled with large contrasts, he’s gone from prison employee to prison inmate, from mental worker to mental patient and now from a servant of God in real life to a real devil in this movie.”

I recently found out that Tormod was getting criticism when he attended his local church for the role he played in the film. Which I find a little bit petty, ain’t church-goers meant to forgive? But thankfully we have the complete opposite, he’s also earning himself quite the name in the independent horror scene. So I wouldn’t worry too much about them, Tormod. Stick to the horror, man!

I also have to mention the female lead in the movie Eline Aasheim. She fitted in perfectly with Per-Ingvar and Magne, there was a nice natural chemistry between them all. But agiain, this was a challenging role for any actress to take on so I’ve also got total respect for that, she done such a good job. I really hope to see Eline in more Norwegian horror movies, I think she could be a big name in the horror scene.

Here is a little more about Eline from the official press release

“Leading lady, Eline Aasheim, has been praised in several reviews for her daring and brave acting in this movie. “Christmas Cruelty!” is her first feature length movie, but already in her early teens she got known for a Norwegian audience through the TV-series, “Fangstfamilien på Svalbard“. A mini series that followed Eline and her family, as they lived one year in a small cabin in the wilderness of Svalbard. This documentary featured exciting episodes with polar bears and other adventures the small family had to deal with, isolated in this cold and unforgiving landscape. When directors Per-Ingvar Tomren and Magne Steinsvoll first met Eline, there was absolutely no doubt that she was the perfect choice for the main character. Her natural talent and beauty far surpassed their hopes for this role.”

Christmas Cruelty is a film that isn’t frightened to go straight for the Jugular, both shocking and entertaining, this was a great first feature from some new and promising names in the independent horror scene.


There is no denying that THE FALL is one of the finest serial-killer tv dramas ever to be written. The team behind the series also helmed classics like CRACKER (one of my top shows of all time. Fitz is my hero) and also PRIME SUSPECT starring the wonderful Helen Miren. Both shows were on-top of their game, the writing was fantastic, they had the right leads for the roles. As a result both CRACKER & PRIME SUSPECT have went down as some of the best crime programmes in television history.

I have often thought about that old saying “they just don’t make them like they used to” when watching new British cop shows. There has been a few good ones throughout the years (mostly mini-series) but nothing you could compare to the brilliance of the two mentioned above.

When I first heard about THE FALL I had no idea what it was about. I even thought that someone like Gillian Anderson was a strange choice for a new serial-killer drama that’s set in Belfast. I watched the first episode and was sucked straight in. I then took to imdb and started to check the writers, and wasn’t surprised in the slightest that this was the same team behind CRACKER & PRIME SUSPECT.

The problem I have is that I binge-watch everything. I had the full season available for streaming on Netflix and watched the entire thing just like it was one giant feature-length film. The writing was fantastic, clever and extremely dark. Gillian Anderson is phenomenal as the lead, and Jamie Dornan, (I’d say the will be huge now as he is playing Dorian Grey in 50 Shats Of Grey)he is perfect in the role of the serial-killer. I’ll not say anything about the plot in the hope that someone reading this hasn’t seen this yet. I haven’t revealed much of the plot as you get to know who the serial-killer is pretty much from the start.

Now after a year of rocking back-and-fourth like a junkie waiting for his next fix, the 1st episode for season 2 has just been announced. I have read two dates online RTE1-9TH NOV & BBC2 -13TH NOV (these channels are based in Ireland and UK only. Pretty sure both stations have an Iplayer available). As for Netflix, I’m still not sure guys but you’ll be the first to know when I get the info. I need this to be on Netflix, I need another binge-watch, I don’t think I can live on just one episode a week.




Its a well known fact that I’m a huge fan of Korean cinema. I am constantly on the hunt for new releases to try and satisfy what seems like an uncontrollable hunger. Although I live in Ireland, I find myself checking what’s on in the cinemas in South Korea more so than Dublin Ireland.

I also try to follow all the film festivals as well, so I really do try to stay on-top of the game when it comes to Korean cinema… or cinema in general..

Sometimes I write about a film though,, then when the time comes and I’d actually get to see it, I’m let down, but thankfully that doesn’t happen too often.

So here is 3 upcoming movies that I’ve started to follow very closely. Obviously there isn’t a lot of information available but I’ll just go with what I got.

When I write about a film anyways, I like to keep the plot details to a minimum. After all this isn’t a review site and I’m not a film critic. I have one purpose, and that is to hook you fine bunch of people up with some quality viewing. So here is 3 films I believe are gonna be well worth checking out.


Jong-Dae (Lee Min-Ho) and Yong-Ki (Kim Rae-Won) grew up in an orphanage like real brothers. After they leave the orphanage, they make a living by picking up paper and empty bottles. Jong-Dae then becomes involved in a struggle of interests over development in Gangnam, Seoul. In the process, he lives with Gil-Soo (Jung Jin-Young) and Sun-Hye (Seol Hyun) as they accept Jong-Dae like a family member. Jong-Dae also becomes a gang member.

This just sounds all sorts of epic. I have found a trailer but there is no english subs. I can tell you one thing, there is gonna be a huge gang-fight which would remind you of the prison riot from THE RAID 2: BERANDAL. It looks pretty hardcore although the premise sounds a little bit familiar. Two friends grow up in an orphanage, they are like real brothers and can’t be separated, they get involved with some sort of criminal underworld and get dragged into a life of crime. One of the brothers will no doubt be able to reason and the other will take no shit from no one and will kill in the blink of an eye.

I’m hoping for a hardcore violent thriller, with lots of action and some beautiful choreography and judging from what little I’ve seen, I think it’s going to deliver.


“Stranger, kill me but love me for a few days…”

Mizo is a lost bird born in trash. She’s been sexually abused by her foster parents so she sets out to find her birth parents with the blood-stained uniform she was abandoned with.

Meanwhile, Woo-sang, the man who abandoned his baby girl in the trash, still lives a trashy life. Mizo approaches him to take revenge in the most painful way possible. The revenge steps over the line and they have no idea what gruesome end they are headed for…

For some reason, every post I write will feature something really dark and disturbing. I always find myself enjoying the films that push the boundaries of cinema and thankfully with Korean cinema that happens pretty much all of the time. This film MIZO sounds pretty fucking disturbing as you can tell from the plot. And if anybody can make a superior revenge movie, then its the Koreans.

This movie is listed as released in 2013 but is opening in cinemas in Korea soon. Either way I’ve never heard of it and I think it’s a worthy one to put on the site.


In a neighborhood in Seoul, 10 or so people disappeared without a trace in a 6 month span. While the neighbors feel nervous about not being able to find a clue about it, hair and blood is found on the lid of a manhole. What happened down there?

Some of the finest serial-killer movies ever to be released have come from Korea. There is so much greatness in this sub-genre, and nearly all them are guaranteed to shock you to the core. You can always be sure that a Korean serial-killer movie will be deliciously datk, a film for the horror fan, a film that’s primarily aimed at a more mature audience, and a film that says “Go Fuck Yourself Censorship”. We need more of these movies.



This is my third and final instalment for my new Top Ten Foreign Thrillers post. For moves 1-6 check previous posts.

New Taiwanese murder-mystery about 3 school kids who stumble on a dead body. The body they found was a female student who! also attended the same school as they did. The word on the street is that she committed suicide, but the 3 students who found her bloodied corpse think different, and they think she was mrudered.

The 3 male students then take upon themselves to start their own investigation and try to get to the bottom of all the lies and try to figure just who killed the student.

This looks like a fantastic murder-mystery. I really don’t want to know anymore about the film because I think it offers a lot more than just this murder plot

I have to admit, I haven’t seen that many Taiwanese movies, that I can remember. One of my favourite and most original horror films is from Taiwan and is called SILK(Gui Si). That film blew me away. Seen it back in 2006 and it still remains one of my favourites (that no one has heard of) to this day. I’m sure I’ve written about it on moviehooker somewhere, if I haven’t… Then shame on me!

New Danish Thiller/Horror/survival movie from director Bo Mikkelsen.

The story of a viral outbreak in a small Danish town and a family of four who will do anything in order to get out alive..and virus free, of course!

I’m huge fan of this sort of film. I really don’t know anything more about this movie and I’m gonna leave it that way. I have gut-feeling that this is gonna be way more than your average outbreak-in-a-town movie.

New film from acclaimed director Fabrice du Welz. Another man who I’m a huge fan of and is responsible for one of my favourite horror/survival/hillbilly movies CALVAIRE. When I first heard that he was back on the scene with a new movie. I just knew we were in for something special.

This film has cleaned up at any festivals that it has played in. Winning awards all across the board like Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director…. the list goes on.

Another film that I purposely know nothing about. I can tell you that’s it’s based on a true story of real-life serial-killers who were known as The Honeymoon Killers. Personally, I’ve never even heard of them and although I wanna google the shit out them, I’m gonna resist and leave it up to Fabrice du Weiz to tell me this tale of terror.

Years back when I first seen his film CALVAIRE, I was blown away by how different he made a very similar premise. He took your basic survival horror which at-the-time was overpopulated with a about 50 Wrong Turn movies releasing each year. The film wasn’t insanely gruesome but it most definitely hit a nerve. It also features one of the most fucked up pieces of piano music that I’ve ever heard.

For my last movie in my Top Ten, things are about to get a little sick. The Treatment is a new serial-killer movie about a killer who kidnaps entire families, commits hideous acts on them, forces them to commit hideous actors of themselves and to each other. Then doing what all serial-killers do, he just slaughters them all.

Already, im skeptical about watching this. Not because it seems hardcore but because I’m frightened to death of what these hideous acts are. I’m a fan of the gruesomeness as you all well know but some films purposely push the boundaries and have the sickest ideas imaginable.

So if you’re fan of really extreme films then why not give this one a chance. I’m really looking forward to it but I’m just as hesitant about watching it.

And that’s my new Top Ten Foreign Thrillers post. Thanks for reading folks. You are all awesome.

Also apologies about lack of photos for some films. Some of them them just don’t have anything available as of yet.

American remake of Korean Classic I SAW THE DEVIL falls into the trustworthy hands of writer/director duo Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett


I Saw The Devil is one of the strongest serial-killer movies in the genre. Released in 2010 and starring choi Min-Sik (Oldboy) Byung Hun-lee (The Good, The Bad, The Weird). Directed by Kim Jee-Woon (A Tale Of Two Sisters, A BitterSweet Life) and written by Hoon Jung-Park (New World

The film told the story of a heavily pregnant women who is brutally murdered by a deranged psychopathic serial-killer (played viciously, brilliantly and effortlessly by Min-Sik).. The woman was on her way home to her husband but never made it back. Her husband works for the police, he’s more than just a cop though, he’s some sort of special-agent. When her body is found, the husband uses his training and skills to track down the serial-killer and get his revenge for the vicious and pointless murder of his wife and unborn child.

Now after nearly 5 years and a HUGE cult following, I Saw The Devil has made the inevitable journey over to America, and has landed in the trusting hands of directing/writing duo Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard (You’re Next, The Guest).

I can only imagine what the hardcore fans are going to be saying. I’m a hardcore fan, but I know the majority  ain’t going to be happy, but they never are. We knew that this was inevitable and if it has to be remade, then I’m glad that the project has landed in hands of Barrett and Wingard. These guys just keep going from strength-to-strength. I really enjoyed You’re Next, it was a simple premise executed perfectly with some really clever and inventive ideas.  It wasn’t my favourite film of all time but it was one one strongest in the genre for that year and sits comfortably among the best in Home-Invasion sub-genre. Their next feature The Guest has put them on the map as one of the strongest and most promising writers/directors in the business today. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this yet but I haven’t read a bad word about it. I’ll be checking it out at the cinema this week.

I’m almost certain that these guys are fans of the original, I mean, who the hell isn’t? I have 100% faith that these guys will do a superb job. They know how fast-paced it is, they know how extreme it is, and they know if there is going to be a remake, the fans of the original will accept nothing else other than full-blown madness.



image image1 AMONG THE LIVING (Aux Yeux des Vivant)

Three kids who decide to skip school in order to explore an abandoned amusement park catch site of a woman being dragged through a field by a masked man.


I had almost lost my faith in the horror genre until I stumbled on French filmmakers Alexandre Bustillo & ulien Maury. I wasn’t impressed with the direction modern day horror was taking. It was hard to find something with an 18cert, hard to find any film that would push the boundaries of cinema , disturb you, and give you sleepless nights. These guys and a handful of other filmmakers seemed to be our last hope.

In 2007 a film was released called “inside” (À l’intérieur). The film was one the most disturbing films in recent years, full of blood, mayhem, tension & violence. It had a storyline that sounded horrible (especially if you’re female) when I seen the movie, I was left with my mouth hanging open, gagging for more. I knew right there and then that whoever made this movie needed to be watched, & watched very closely, whoever made this film actually made a horror film for the horror fans.

The second movie they released (livide) took a completely different direction. Livide had an old-school vibe to it. This time focusing on more of a dark & disturbing fantasy film than a horror film but still managed to get under your skin.

“Among the living” will mark their third feature. I have watched as much as I can without trying to spoil anything. It has been described as a horror movie with a “stand by me” feel to it.

The trailer is fantastic and I am very intrigued to see what they’ve done with the movie. Knowing that they’ve released some of the most disturbing  and best horror in recent years, I can’t wait to see a extreme horror based on this story that they’ve got.

2: CANNIBAL (a love story)
Carlos is the most prestigious tailor in Granada, but he’s also a murderer in the shadows. He feels no remorse, no guilt, until Nina appears in his life and love awakens.

I have just watched the trailer for this and that is all. I have read some positive reviews about it but also some negative ones. I didn’t have any subs on the trailer I watched so I don’t even know what they were saying but it still managed to grab my attention.

It’s seems like a very slow driven character orientated film. I wouldn’t think that there is that much violence in the movie but I’m pretty sure that when there is some, then it’s gonna shock us to the core.

Seems brilliantly acted, beautifully shot and I’m looking forward to its release on blu-ray or limited theatrical….if we ever get it here.

Five days in the lives of an exorcist (Eloy Palma) and his granddaughter (Alba), working in the Barcelona area.

I have been waiting for a long time for something to come out of Spain that follows in the footsteps of “[rec]”. I was immediately hooked when i watched the trailer. When I posted the trailer on my Facebook page a while back, some people liked it, and some people just thought it looked ok.

I thought it looked dark and and vicious and if the trailer is anything to go by then we should have one hell of a horror film.

I know the storyline doesn’t sound that original and some people mightn’t even watch it because they’ve seen too much of that sort of thing but I thinks it looks fantastic and I want to see more!!!

I’m a fan of the horror genre as a whole. I don’t mind found footage horror or any other horror for that matter, just as long as it’s done right. Horror should disturb and shock you. And this looks like it will do the job.