Month: September 2013


arnie-tweetArnold Schwarzenegger has started shooting new zombie film “Maggie” which co-stars Abigail Breslin from “zombieland”. The story of a father trying to come to terms with his daughters infection as he  slowly watches her transform into a zombie.

The story seems to be very walking dead style. I havent read anywhere that he’s racing against the clock trying to find a cure before his daughter turns. The premise sounds interesting as we’ve never had a father/daughter type zombie film. i’d like to think of it as, what if Carl got bitten in walking dead. how would rick react? we all know that once you get bitten then you’re gonna turn so its time to start saying your tearful goodbyes and either let them take care of themselves or be the person to put a bullet in their head.

Paddy Considine was rumoured to play the father but was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chloe Mortez was supposed to play the daughter but was then replaced by Abigail Breslin. the script has been around for a couple of years now and was apparently one of the most sought after scripts in years and now is finally getting brought to the big screen at an estimated budget of around $10m.

The director is a guy  called Henry Hobson who has worked lots of big films but mainly as part of the crew or as lead creditor. he has also done a few episodes of walking dead (main title design director) and has a sci-fi feature in the works called the caves of steel.

This film will play out more like a drama than anything else. Its almost certain we’re gonna see big Arnie tearsome zombies apart with his bare hands and possibly use some huge weapons in the process but overall it will be a drama and will focus on the relationship with the father and daughter and what’s gonna happen when the time arrives

father + daughter zombie1




Leonardo Dicaprio Is set to play a serial killer in the upcoming movie “the devil in the white city”. The film is based on a book of the same name and is about a American serial killer who stalked his victims in the late 1800’s in Chicago. His name was “Dr H H Holmes”.

I had never heard of this serial killer so I did a little bit of reading on him. I was shocked at the sadistic methods that he had used to lure and kill his victims. He had built a hotel and had rooms fitted with gas lines and had them sound proofed. He would dispose of the bodies through a secret shoot that went to the basement. He then would dissect their corpses, burn them or sell their skeletal remains to medical schools.

So I’m intrigued to see this being brought to the big screen (sadistic much?) I know this will be based on a true story and most of the events actually happened. It’s sort of sick that I’d watch it, but hey this sort of stuff makes great cinema and I’m glad to see Leonardo Dicaprio doing such a sinister role. I have very bit of faith that he’ll do a great job.



Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company “Appian way” will also produce.


nightAnother Indonesian thriller to be watching out for. Starring “Joe Taslim from “the raid” and “fast and the furious 6” alongside “Yayan Ruhian” also from “the raid” and it will be directed by “Timo Tjahjanto”who’s has also helmed “macabre”, “dara” a segment in “v/h/s2” and also a segment in “the abcs of death” and the action scenes will be directed by “Gareth Evans” writer and director of “the raid”.

The story follows a triad enforcer who witnesses a massacre and sets out on a personal mission to seek revenge. I really couldn’t find anymore about the storyline but that has sold it for me, and giving the cast are exceptional and knowing the previous films of the directors , it’s safe to say that this will be one to watch out for.

so expect a lot of violence, murder, gore and some beautifuly choregraghed action scenes.

This post will be updated as i find out more about the film.



THE RETURNED (original French tv show)

When I was watching this show “Danny Boyle” came to mind. When he made “28 days later” he took a  genre and fucked with it. “28 days later” looked and felt like a zombie film he just changed the rules a little bit and gave us rage filled zombies that just wanted to tear you apart rather than have you for a main course.

“The returned” does just the same, it takes a genre and fuck’s with it and the result is fantastic. This is a very slow burning series and isn’t very violent or gory but it is really eerie in a realistic sort of way (if that makes any sense at all).

The story follows a group of people who have suddenly returned from the grave. They’re not your usual type of zombie. They look just like they did when they were alive and they don’t go around stinking of rotten flesh or even crave flesh. They have been returned and they have no idea why. Some of their loved ones think that’s its a miracle that their loving departed has returned from beyond the grave and that god has given them a second chance, and some people can’t come to terms with the fact that a corpse is sitting in their kitchen eating sandwiches and think that something more sinister is about to go down.

I really liked it because it was so different. There is a little bit of gore and a few murders thrown into the storyline but I had accepted that it was more of a drama than anything else by episode 4, but still strikingly original. I had no choice but to watch all 8 episodes one after the other.

There has been an English remake for channel 4 which has also got great reviews and I’m officially on the hunt for it now after watching the original French series.  As I said the original was more of a drama than anything else so I think a remake is a good idea. Not that there was anything wrong with the storyline but there is a lot of room for a different take on the story. One In which the dead aren’t so nice when they return.

The music also deserves a mention. “Mogwai” was in charge of  composing the entire score for the programme and done a great job. the music has a huge part to play in the series and even though it was beautiful to listen to it was clever;y crafted for the darker scenes which suited it greatreturned_2578266b